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Zeytinyağlı Enginar Yemeği / Turkish food recipe: Artichoke heart in Olive oil

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Zeytinyağlı Enginar Yemeği / Turkish food recipe: Artichoke heart in Olive oil | Citra's Home Diary. #artichokerecipe #artichokeheart #enginar #zeytinyağlıenginar #veganrecipe #resepmasakanturki #mediterraneanfood #Turkishcuisine

Even though it's not a popular vegetable, this Artichoke has many benefits for our health. It is a good source of fiber and has a lot of nutrients. It can also help you regulate your blood pressure. Also, it improves your liver health.

In Turkiye, this vegetable is popular in the western part, like the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. 

Zeytinyağlı Enginar Yemeği / Turkish food recipe: Artichoke heart in Olive oil | Citra's Home Diary. #artichokerecipe #artichokeheart #enginar #zeytinyağlıenginar #veganrecipe #resepmasakanturki #mediterraneanfood #Turkishcuisine

In Turiye, this vegetable mostly grown in Karaburun, Mordoğan, and Urla districts in Izmir, is one of the most diversified vegetables in Izmir cuisine.

Artichokes in Izmir; unlike other regions, not only use the flower as a dish, people of Izmir also use its leaves as well as the stem when cooking artichokes.

Zeytinyağlı Enginar Yemeği / Turkish food recipe: Artichoke heart in Olive oil | Citra's Home Diary. #artichokerecipe #artichokeheart #enginar #zeytinyağlıenginar #veganrecipe #resepmasakanturki #mediterraneanfood #Turkishcuisine

We have many recipes using this healthy artichoke such as, kuzu etli enginar (lamb with artichoke), iç baklalı enginar (artichoke with dried bean pod), taze baklalı enginar (Artichoke with green bean pod), enginar kızartması (Fried artichoke), enginar dolması (Stuffed artichoke), enginarlı pilav (Rice and artichoke).

And today I will share one of a popular recipes using this artichoke called "Zeytinyağlı Enginar Yemeği". "Zeytinyağlı" means with olive oil, while "Enginar" means artichoke, and "Yemeği" means meal/dish.
This dish is famous in the Aegean region of Turkiye.

This completely not-boring vegan dish. It's so fresh yet seriously delicious. 
My husband is a "meat" person, He loves to eat anything with meat in it. But he's fallen in love with this dish and asks me to make this always when springtime comes and the fresh artichoke is everywhere in our traditional markets.

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It's not really difficult making this dish. I hope you can follow the cooking process in the video I made for you.
Once you gather all your ingredients you are good to go.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave them in the comment section below.

Zeytinyağlı Enginar Yemeği
(Artichoke heart meal in Olive oil)
By: Çitra's Home Diary

Serve 3-4 portions


For artichoke heart:
🍽 3 big (4 small sizes) artichoke hearts
🍽 1 lemon, take the juice
🍽 2 tbsp olive oil
🍽 dash of salt
🍽 dash of white pepper powder

For vegetable stuffing:
🍽 2 tbsp olive oil
🍽 1 medium onion, finely cubed. Separated
🍽 1 medium carrot, cubed
🍽 1 medium potato, cubed
🍽 1 cup of green peas ( I use frozen)
🍽 1 tsp salt
🍽 ±½ cup of water

For the cooking sauce:
🍽 fresh lemon juice from 1-2 lemon
🍽 ½ cup of olive oil
🍽 1 cup (220 ml) water
🍽 1 tsp salt
🍽 1 tsp sugar

For serving:
🍽 Dill, roughly chopped
🍽 olive oil
🍽 lemon (optional)

How to cook:

1. Prepare the artichokes.
Place the artichoke heart in a bowl with enough water to cover all the artichokes. Add 1 lemon juice (and the rind too) and let them sit for 15-20 minutes. Drain.

In a shallow and wide pan, heat 2 tbsp olive oil, and saute half chopped onion. Stir fry just until translucent. Then place the artichoke heart "bowl" up over the pan. Add water about half a cup. Sprinkle with a dash of salt and white pepper powder over the artichokes "bowl".

Cover the lid and cook over medium heat for about 15 minutes, while we can prepare the vegetable stuffing.

2. Prepare the vegetable stuffing.
In another pan, heat 2 tbsp olive oil. Stir fry another half of the chopped onion until fragrant. Add in carrot and potato cubed, and stir well. Add about half cup of water before covering the lid and cook for about 10 minutes, just check once in a while.
At last, mix in green peas and continue to cook for a few minutes before removing from the heat.

3. In a jar (or a glass), mix everything for the olive oil sauce; Olive oil, lemon juice, water, salt, and sugar. Set aside.

4. Remove the artichoke pan from the heat. Spoon the vegetable stuffing over the artichoke bowl, making sure each "bowl" have equal shares.
Pour the olive oil+lemon mixture into the artichoke pan, mix well first before pouring it.

5. Close the lid and cook over medium heat for about 15 minutes or until the artichoke gets tender and cooked through. Check it with a knife, it should be buttery tender when you prick the artichoke.
Remove from heat.

Sprinkle with dill and a good glug of olive oil before serving.
Serve it with lemon juice is optional.

Afiyet olsun. Enjoy.

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Zeytinyağlı Enginar Yemeği / Turkish food recipe: Artichoke heart in Olive oil | Citra's Home Diary. #artichokerecipe #artichokeheart #enginar #zeytinyağlıenginar #veganrecipe #resepmasakanturki #mediterraneanfood #Turkishcuisine

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