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Oliebollen recipe (Dutch Donuts)

 Selam evrybody...Merhaba from Turkey.

Oliebollen is a fried food-similiar to donut flavor containing raisins and apple slices, originally from Dutch. Oliebollen also known in Indonesia and are often listed in an old book recipe cause it's very popular also in Indonesia as one of Dutch food's heritage . In Netherlands, this food is traditionally eaten on New Year's Eve (But I love them in my breakfast with my hot Tukish tea). 

Oliebollen made ​​by frying dough in hot oil until lightly browned. Dough made ​​from flour, eggs, yeast, salt, and milk. The dough is left for about 1 hour and fried, then dusted with powdered sugar. 

Other than this Oliebollen, you also can check my other Dutch heritage's recipe which are quite popular in Indonesia: Bitterballen, Kaastegels, Kroketten, and others

Check category Indonesian Snack (jajan pasar/ kue) for more Indonesian Kueh or snack.

Oliebollen recipe (Dutch Donuts) | Çitra's Home Diary

Makes ± 35 ~ 40 small balls

 500 g all-purpose flour
 2 medium egg, lightly beaten
 200 ml (1 cup) warm milk
 200 ml (1 cup) warm water
 11 g (1 packet) instant yeast
 50 g (± 2 tbsp) 
+ 1 tsp granulated sugar 
 1 tsp salt
 1 tsp vanilla powder
 2 pieces (± 250 g) medium apples, peeled, cut into 1x1 cm cubes, drizzle with lemon juice
 75 g (± ¾ cup raisins), soak in warm water a few hours earlier, drained
 50 ounces dried apricots (optional), chopped coarse
 Icing sugar for dusting
 Cooking oil for deep fry


Mercimek Köftesi (Red lentil balls)

for those of you who want to enjoy a vegetarian meatball .. This one you should try ... red lentils (meat) balls. It's also a favorite here in Turkey. You can eat it beside börek (pastry) or other favorite pide. Check out the recipe and will definitely become your favorite too.

Mercimek Köftesi (Red lentil balls) | Çitra's Home Diary. #vegetarian #turkishfoodrecipe #vegankofta #veganrecipe #lentilkofta

makes 25 ~ 30 balls


Merhaba From Türkiye 👋

First of all, I'd like to thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you can come back, again and again, to check up on any beyond Indonesian or Turkish food or something sweets that you might love. Your comments and emails brighten my days and make this simple blog thing worthwhile 😍💛 

SATE PADANG / PADANG STYLE SATAY | Çitra's Home Diary. #Indonesiancuisine #indonesisch #indonesianfoodrecipe #indonesiansatay #satayrecipe #satepadang #resepsatepadang #beeftongue #cookoffal

Known as sate in Indonesian (and pronounced similar to the English), Indonesia is the home of satay, and satay is a widely renowned dish in almost all regions of Indonesia and is considered the national dish and one of Indonesia's best dishes. Satays, in particular, are a staple in Indonesian cuisine, served everywhere from street carts to fine dining establishments, as well as in homes and at public gatherings. As a result, many variations have been developed throughout the Indonesian Archipelago. In Indonesia, there are some restaurants that specialized in serving various kinds of satay and present it as their specialty, such as Sate Ponorogo Restaurant, Sate Blora Restaurant, and also chains of Sate Khas Senayan restaurants, previously known as Satay House Senayan. In Bandung, the West Java Governor's office is popularly called Gedung Sate (Indonesian: Satay building) to refer to the satay-like pinnacle on its roof.

Indonesia has the richest variations of satay in the world. The satay variants in Indonesia usually named after the region it originated, the meats, parts, or ingredients its uses, also might be named after the process or method of cooking.

I felt to miss posting something ... but lately, I frankly do not have any inspiration at all for writing. I am trying to write my daily activities but only ended up in my diary. Neither for cooking, no new idea that I try in my kitchen, I don't know when this moody feeling will be over, I hope it'll pass soon :)
Well ... for the start, last week I had time to cook my favorite food when I was single--Sate Padang. Just wanted to share with you all I write down the recipe, not as complicated as you might think .. just try it .

 Make about 45 skewers


 400 g of beef heart or beef tongue

 400 beef liver

 400 gr tenderloin

 ½ cup vegetable oil

 3 bay leaves

 3 cm galangal, lightly crushed

 1 stalk lemongrass, lightly crushed

 3 tablespoons rice flour

 ½ tablespoons cornstarch

 Some bamboo skewers

Asem Asem Ayam (Spicy Sour Chicken gravy)

Resep dalam Bhs İndonesia ada di bagian bawah

The sour and spicy in this food really can increase my appetite, nourishing yet comforting food for me lately. Simple and quick to prepare also.

Serve: 4 servings

 ½ kg chicken, cut into pieces according to taste
 Lemon juice of 1 lemon
 5 ~ 7 shallots, finely sliced
 3 ~ 5 cloves garlic, finely chopped
 ½ tsp turmeric powder
 Some bird aye chili (amount depends on your taste), cut roughly or let it whole
 ± 1 tablespoon tamarind paste
 Some stalk spring onion, cut roughly
 1 medium tomato, cut roughly
 Salt and sugar to taste
 bay leaves and 1 cm galangal, crushed

How to cook:
1) Boil chicken with enough water (about 2 cups), add lemon juice and cook until chicken  change in color. Drain chicken and discard the water. Put chicken back into pan and cook again with ± 2 lt water, bay leaves and galangal.
2) Once it boils, cook in all spices (except tomatoes spring onion). Taste the flavor. Then put in spring onion and tomato slices, cover the pan and immediately turn off the heat.

Serve hot with warm rice.


 ½ kg ayam, potong sesuai selera besar/ kecilnya
 perasan jeruk limau
 5 ~ 7 bawang merah, iris tipis
 3 ~ 5 bawang putih, iris tipis

 ½ sdt bubuk kunyit
 beberapa biji cabe rawit sesuai selera banyaknya, iris kasar atau biarkan utuh
 asam jawa yang dilarutkan dng sedikit air, ambil ± 1 sdm
 daun bawang beberapa batang, potong kasar
 1 tomat ukuran sedang, potong kasar
 Garam dan gula sesuai selera
 daun salam dan laos/ lengkuas geprak

How to cook:
1) Didihkan air sekitar 2 gelas, masukkan potongan ayam, tambahkan perasan jeruk limau dan masak hingga ayam matang. Saring ayam dan buang air rebusannya. Masukkan kembali ayam ke dalam panci dan masak kembali dengan kurleb 2 lt air, daun salam, lengkuas.
2) Setelah mendidih masukkan semua bumbu iris (kecuali tomat dan daun bawang). Bumbuhi garam dan gula dan koreksi rasanya. tambahkan garam atau air asam sesuai selera. 

Lalu masukkan potongan tomat dan daun bawang, tutup pancinya dan matikan api.

Sajikan hangat.

Kastamonu Etli Ekmeğı

Selam everybody..Merhaba from Türkiye

Kastamonu is one city in Turkey where this meal originally came from. It's half round shape bread bake in traditional stone oven filled with meat. At home people also can make them by roasted the bread over wide griddle and basting the bread once it remove from oven/ griddle.
If you are food adventurer, try this traditional Turkish meal in your kitchen and experience Turkish taste with your family...

Make about 8 breads
Ingredients I (bread):
• 4 cup all-purpose flour (plus if needed)
• 3 tsp instant yeast
• 2 tsp sugar
• 2 tsp salt
• 1
¾ ~ 2 cup warm water (use only 1¾ first)


Indonesian glutinous rice balls in herb caramel syrup / Wedang Ronde Karamel

This February the weather showed no signs of warming, still snowing almost every day. Temperature is still around zero sometimes even minus zero. Even worse in eastern Turkey temperature average minus 15 degrees. I saw on news, some cities in Europe even got worse condition, temperatures can reach minus 30 deg. I don't understand why the weather can deteriorate like this. I remember the first snow fell last November 2011 - that was very early according to my husband.

Anyway, I just try to enjoy any weather or conditions, because I believe God has set everything up. And this glutinous rice ball in herb caramel sauce is also one of my way to enjoy this freezing weather while waiting for the sun really warms my heart and soul... @(^_^)@

Serve 4 ~ 6
Glutinous rice ball ingredients:

 2 cup (± 200 g) glutinous rice flour
 2 tablespoons rice flour
 1 tbsp caster sugar
 ¾ cup warm water
 green and red food color


Let's play a "serious" game @(^,^)@

I found this picture shared many times in Facebook and  I found it very much fun and interesting. 
So I'd like to share here too with my Blogger and foodie friends here.

Here is the rule: 
SEE THIS PICTURE BELOW and WRITE DOWN on comment box FIRST 5 (FIVE) WORDS  you can find in that picture.

I didn't know where it's source but the 1st 4 words you see actually describe you

Let me start with my self :)
1. Spoken
2. Charismatic
3. Passionate
4. happy
5. Elegant

Well... what about you?

Hugs ^,^

Liebster Blog Award

“Liebster” is a German word that means “Dearest”, it also means ”Favorite”. So, in a way the award not only recognizes these bloggers as amazingly gifted in their own right but also as your very own personal favorites.

I received this "Liebster Blog" award from my new blog friend "Red Shallot" few days ago, but forgive my late to post it in my page and pass it right away. So thanks to "Red Shallot" for gave me such lovely award.

Please do Visit Red Shallot Kitchen It's content with nice recipes and great pictures, guaranteed to inspire you to get busy in the kitchen.

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And now I must pass this lovely award to my other 5 favorite up and coming blogs ( I wish I could pass more than 5 ...).
They have so far filled my days with support, inspiration, enjoyment and and the love for food. Congratulations to my blogger friends :

1) Kiri at Healthy Foodie Travels

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Happy blogging. Hugs..! @(^,^)@

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