♥♥ When two Cultures mixed (。◕‿◕。) Everything in my Page are only simple thing, but I did it with great love.

Asem Asem Ayam (Spicy Sour Chicken gravy)

Resep dalam Bhs İndonesia ada di bagian bawah

The sour and spicy in this food really can increase my appetite, nourishing yet comforting food for me lately. Simple and quick to prepare also.

Serve: 4 servings

 ½ kg chicken, cut into pieces according to taste
 Lemon juice of 1 lemon
 5 ~ 7 shallots, finely sliced
 3 ~ 5 cloves garlic, finely chopped
 ½ tsp turmeric powder
 Some bird aye chili (amount depends on your taste), cut roughly or let it whole
 ± 1 tablespoon tamarind paste
 Some stalk spring onion, cut roughly
 1 medium tomato, cut roughly
 Salt and sugar to taste
 bay leaves and 1 cm galangal, crushed

How to cook:
1) Boil chicken with enough water (about 2 cups), add lemon juice and cook until chicken  change in color. Drain chicken and discard the water. Put chicken back into pan and cook again with ± 2 lt water, bay leaves and galangal.
2) Once it boils, cook in all spices (except tomatoes spring onion). Taste the flavor. Then put in spring onion and tomato slices, cover the pan and immediately turn off the heat.

Serve hot with warm rice.


 ½ kg ayam, potong sesuai selera besar/ kecilnya
 perasan jeruk limau
 5 ~ 7 bawang merah, iris tipis
 3 ~ 5 bawang putih, iris tipis

 ½ sdt bubuk kunyit
 beberapa biji cabe rawit sesuai selera banyaknya, iris kasar atau biarkan utuh
 asam jawa yang dilarutkan dng sedikit air, ambil ± 1 sdm
 daun bawang beberapa batang, potong kasar
 1 tomat ukuran sedang, potong kasar
 Garam dan gula sesuai selera
 daun salam dan laos/ lengkuas geprak

How to cook:
1) Didihkan air sekitar 2 gelas, masukkan potongan ayam, tambahkan perasan jeruk limau dan masak hingga ayam matang. Saring ayam dan buang air rebusannya. Masukkan kembali ayam ke dalam panci dan masak kembali dengan kurleb 2 lt air, daun salam, lengkuas.
2) Setelah mendidih masukkan semua bumbu iris (kecuali tomat dan daun bawang). Bumbuhi garam dan gula dan koreksi rasanya. tambahkan garam atau air asam sesuai selera. 

Lalu masukkan potongan tomat dan daun bawang, tutup pancinya dan matikan api.

Sajikan hangat.


  1. My dear Citra...look's like that the pregnancy made you drooling for asem2 food....I'm not pregnant but I do love asem2 dish like this..enak banget

  2. love the idea of adding tumeric to this chicken soup! my mom used to simmer a small cornish hen for hours and make a really savory broth too :). hope you are feeling well citra :)

  3. Citra,,,I miss your post too,hope everything is doing well,semoga lancar sampai persalinan nya ya,,,spicy sour chicken sound YUMMY,my kind of soup :)


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