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 Tonight, 31 December 2010, time 21.00 when I write this. Try to review my blog's journey in the last day of 2010. Until tonight as I record here, I still posted about 128 post that already published. I started this page on July 2010, so it's pretty baby actually. I remember my first post is Turkish Food Dolmalık biber. That was my 1st Turkish meal I can made and my husband liked the way I cooked it  d(^_^)b
I never officially take cooking class or what so ever, and before marry my husband, frankly speaking, as a single living alone,  I hardly ever cook for my self - I was busy at office and usually end up my self in my favorite restaurant for dinner (^_^). Anyway, after quite success cooking Turkish food without any complaint, I started self learning to cook anything. I love being in my kitchen and make things like when I was kid before.
And my 1st "restaurant look alike" meal is Chicken Steak with mushrooms sauce. I made that chicken steak because I was terribly miss that favorite dish when I was In Jakarta.

Baking cheese cake? Never. and this Japanesse style cheese cake was my 1st. After googling and learning how people make this cheese cake, carefully I learn the most basic thing to make it.. and voallaa... it was my 1st cheese cake I made @(^_^)@
Well, of course not all these posts were my 1st.. I just want to share my feeling and thought about  those post. Like for example: the most comment get, goes to : Steamed Zebra cake from left over egg white. Maybe because I think this recipe is unique and interesting cause made from (left over) egg white only. Also some of my friend also tried this recipe which made me happy. You can visit Taking on magazines one recipe at a time blog to see it, and Dailyfoodporn . Thank you for tried my recipe, and glad if you like it ^_^

I also join in one of foodbuzz site which all foodies gathering and sharing their passion about food and making it. I got some post that being choice in their TODAY'S TOP 9. My 1st foodbuzz chosen for Today's Top 9 was "Turkish Pizza" Yumurtali Sucuk Pide. And  after that I feel have more spirit to learn much more about cooking and baking. 

And here my other post chosen for Today's Top 9: November 7th 2010 Tiramisu

And December 9th Choux Pastry with Cinnamon custard

I remember I started make simple choux pastry when I was at 6th grade (maybe 10 or 11 years old that time) because there was some kind of test and cooking was one of those tests d(^_^)b
During learning to cook and to bake, of course there were many of failures I made but I will never stop to learn anything. I always admire people who create such a beautiful art of food and make other people happy to taste and enjoy those food.... For me now, cooking it's not only to make food to eat, but also art which requires happy feeling and heart to create great flavor and attractive appearance of food. 

Top ten favorite 2010 post according google search :

But above of all.. this Onde-Onde is my favorite of all .... @(^_^)@.. this snack is my favorite snack since I was a kid


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  1. I just made your zebra cake for our New Year's party tonight and it's beautiful. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I've posted my cake on my blog and linked it over to you if people want to get the recipe.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Selamat Tahun Baru! And a more delicious year too!

  3. I have just discovered your beautiful blog from The Mom Chef's link to your zebra cake. You create lovely food. I will definitely be back!!

  4. I'm so happy to have found your blog...gorgeous food photos! Looking forward to many more~~

  5. Your recipes and photography are amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing more in the coming year!


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