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Smoked Sweet Paprika Chicken Grill

It was almost perfect Sunday. Almost. The temperature outside reach 19 deg C, Sunny, no cold wind. So me and hubby decide to make something to grill for lunch and dinner. So I prepare fish grill burger and sweet paprika chicken grill. But forgive me I just can post the sweet paprika chicken grill cause the fish grill burger couldn't survive for picture taking ..hahahhaa... we couldn't wait the fish burger getting cold d(^_^)b. 
Maybe next time I can share by posting here also. 
Sunday barbecue time as I said almost perfect, except suddenly cold wind blew bring sudden rain during we grilled the chicken...
But overall, our weekend grill was great and fully tempting, especially for this cat. I think he waited for our grill fish and chicken done... @(^_^)@
Cat is waiting our fish and chicken grill done I think

He is ready to jump to our balcony to get his share ^_^
Things to Prepare to make Sweet Paprika Chicken Grill:
- 1 kg chicken thighs (about 7 ~ 8 pieces chicken thighs). Stab/ Pin-prick with a fork.
Marinate with these seasoning :
- 3 cloves garlic (or more-if You like), grated / puree.
- 3 tablespoons olive oil
- 2 tbsp smoked sweet paprika powder
- 1 tsp black pepper powder
- 2 ~ 3 tbsp lemon juice
- 2 tsp chili powder (If you like more hot spicy, you can add as much as you want)
- 2 tsp dried thyme
- 2 teaspoons dried basil
- salt to taste

Soak chicken in marinade at least 3 hours or overnight. Grilled over coals until done.

Enjoy your Sweet Paprika Chicken Grill. I dip my chicken grill  in hot thai Chilly sauce.



  1. Mmmmmmm! This begs a try on the BBQ. I'm enthralled with the spices for the marinade. Then to dip the finished chicken in a hot Thai chili sauce... Divine!

  2. Cute cat was waiting for cute chicken for dinner :)

  3. Delicious recipe!!!

    We will be having this for dinner tonight!


  4. I wish I could take out the grill and make this delicious meal! It's barely 10 degrees fahrenheit!

  5. @Medeja
    That was my first thought to when I saw how delicious the finished product looked, YUMM!!!!!

  6. Lucky you to already enjoy outside fun! Can't wait until this winter will be finally over. Mouthwatering chicken, would love to have some ;)

  7. I love the way you presented your story with your kitty "in waiting" for his treat!
    Greeat marinade rub for chicken. I use similar marinade rub also, and use sweet Hungarian paprika a lot.
    Chicken looks so tender and juicy!

  8. The cat is gorgeous and the photos are beautiful as well of the chicken


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