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Sup Buntut Goreng (Indonesian Oxtail Soup)

Oxtail Soup, Famous and favorite of everyone in Indonesia :p  . This time I also fry the oxtail after being cooked and serve it separately from the soup (just like my favorite). Actually you can serve it right away without fry (or roasted) it. Usually served with "sambal Kecap" or sweet soy chilly and squeeze with lemon juice to give fresh flavor.

-1 kg oxtail, wash and cut into pieces to taste. Bring to a boil in 2 liters of water until completely soft.
- Fresh Ginger (tip of the thumb size). Crushed.
- 3 ~ 4 pcs dried cloves.
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- 4 ~ 5 carrots, peeled and cut into round.
- 1 large size potato, peeled and diced
- Leek, cut roughly.
- A few celery sticks. Tie them together.

Make ground spices from ingredients as follows:
- 3  garlic
- 3 small shallots
- 1x1 cm fresh ginger
- 1 tsp peppercorn
- A small piece of nutmeg.
You can use pestle and mortal or small blender to do this.
- Lemon juice.
- "Sambal kecap" or sweet soy sauce chilly (*see note below how to make it)

How to cook:

1) Continue to boil the oxtail with a crushed ginger and cloves. Stir fry ground ingredients until fragrant. Mix in the seasoning into the broth. Strain the cloves and crush ginger.
2) Put in carrots and potatoes. Boil just until vegetable almost soft. Seasoning with salt and test the taste.
3) Add leek and celery. Cook them few more minute until leek and celery almost wilt. Remove from heat.
Serve hot with a complement and warm white steamed rice.
*Making Chilly sweet soy sauce:
- 2 cloves garlic
- 4 red onions
- Some of cayenne pepper to taste (more for more hot spicy)
- pinch of salt.
- 1/2 cup Sweet soy sauce 
Saute garlic, onion and cayenne pepper. No need too ripe. Then puree with a little salt. Pour in sweet sauce, stir well.

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  1. Oxtail? It's so unusual and interesting.. :) how does it taste?

  2. OMG this is my favorite. Love this with bread. Your's looks real tempting.

  3. I have not made oxtail soup in ages. I know for a fact that it's so rich and tasty.
    Your soup looks so colorful, beautiful and yummy!
    Also love the tangerine cheesecake. The brownie crust is complimenting the filling, and the gorgeous topping!
    All I can say is:

  4. That bowl of soup looks beautiful - so colorful and full of good delicious food!

  5. wow, really great! we've just published the Spanish oxtail stew (rabo de toro). same wave lenght :)


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