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Tepsi Ispanakli börek (Spinach pastry)

It's my another version of Ispanakli börek (spinach pastry), different from my previous Ispanakli börek, it's "tepsi" (Tray=English) Ispanakli börek cause I made it in tray (not individually like before). With yogurt-butter sauce spread between the layer, I believe it will be your favorite too.
Here is the recipe from my mother in law...

 5 sheets phyllo dough
 1 kg fresh spinach, washed and roughly chopped
 ± 300 g crumbled feta cheese
 100 gr butter, melted. Plus for grease pan
 2 tablespoons yogurt

 2 tablespoons milk
 1 egg, beaten
 black and white sesame

 1) Boil spinach until soft, drain well. Mix the eggs, yogurt with  melted butter and 
2 tablespoons milk, set aside. Grease a 40 cm diameter pan with butter.

2) Take one sheet of phyllo dough, spread to cover pan base, let the rest of phyllo edge un-cut (as picture A). Spread with a lot of butter mixture ( B-pictures). Sprinkle with feta cheese and spinach (image C)
3) Take another sheet of phyllo dough, torn/ cut and cover on  spinach and feta cheese as second layer. Brush again with butter mixture-Figure D. Put spinach and cheese again over phyllo (image E). Do it same thing to make some layers until filling mixture finish.
4) Cover with remaining phyllo dough, spread with butter mixture and sprinkle with black sesame and white. Bake 160⁰C until cooked and golden brown on both the top and bottom.

Serve warm.



  1. Of COURSE I'll love it!!! WOW! So gorgeous and delicious! It looks amazing~

  2. Oh, I am all over this recipe. It looks absolutely amazing. You come up with some of the absolute best phyllo recipes I've ever seen. Many thanks again!

  3. @Lizzy thank U, and I'm glad you're agree with me ^,^

  4. @The Mom Chef thx.. and I also adore they way you cook and served them for your family MOM! ^,^

  5. looks delicious healthy looking spinach pastries

  6. The sesame seeds make this so pretty!

  7. Hi Citra! This looks amazing! I know what I'm going to make for lunch today. I've got all the ingredients on hand. Yay! If it turns out nice, I'll maybe post it and link it back to you. Thanks for sharing! (Can't wait for lunchtime). :D


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