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This is really great combination for Cheese cake lover and Tiramisu lover ... Cheesecake with tiramisu flavor. It's even surprising me how wonderful this dessert being in our family dessert table.. Everybody love it!

For an 8 "springform pan


  • 150 gr lady finger (about 16 large biscuit)
  • 25 gr butter. Melted. Plus for greasing pan.
  • 1 tablespoon strong instant coffee. Dissolve with 3 tablespoons hot water, set aside.
  • 500 g cream cheese. Room temperature.
  • 1 cup caster sugar.
  • 1 whole large egg, at room temperature.
  • 1 tbsp plain flour
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch.
For the topping:
  • Chocolate cream frosting ready mix
  • Shaved semi sweet cooking chocolate.


1) Rub  8 "(± 20 cm in diameter) springform pan evenly. Cover bottom of the pan with parchment paper. Preheat oven to 175 ⁰C, place one pan fill with water on bottom rack of oven. Prepare another rack in center of oven to put cheese cake later.

2) Crush lady finger with food processor, pour melted butter and 2 tablespoons coffee solution alternately, pulse until they just combine well. Press the crumbs at the bottom of springform pan, set aside in refrigerator.

3) In a large bowl, combine cream cheese and caster sugar, beating well until smooth, mix in remaining 1 tablespoon coffee solution and eggs, beat until blended. Turn off mixer.

4) Mix in flour and cornstarch, Use manual whisker stir until blended and no lumps. Pour into prepared pan. Place on middle rack of the oven and bake for 45 ~ 50 minutes until center is set. Slightly open the oven door and turn off the heat. Let the cheese cake cool in oven about 30 minutes before removed from the oven. Chill before decorated with toppings. Here I use ready-mix chocolate cream smeared on the surface of my cheese cake then sprinkle with shaved semi sweet chocolate. Chill in refrigerator before serving minimum 2 hours.


It's Chosen daily Top 9 at Foodbuzz , June 17 2011. http://www.foodbuzz.com/top9?date=2011-06-17



  1. This looks awesome-great job. The cake came out very tall and no cracks. This looks like it took a lot of time yet your instructions make it sound easy. Thanks for sharing-this elegant and delicious dessert.

  2. wow, this is AMAZING. love the combo of tiramisu and cheesecake!! :D

  3. It looks just beautiful! I love cheesecakes and tiramisu and this is 2 in 1 !

  4. What a great looking cake! Great job combining 2 different desserts into 1 amazing one!

  5. OMG. This is GORGEOUS.

  6. Beautiful cheesecake with a hint of coffee.

  7. This looks so good, you got the best both worlds cheesecake and tiramasu! I am stumbling and pinning this!

  8. This cake looks superb!! Bravo, very nice job!!

  9. So perfect! Great pictures too :D

  10. Wow, that looks amazing. I love the crust with the ladyfingers and coffee. I can't wait to make this for Hubby, who loves tiramisu. And, since I love cheesecake, we both win!

  11. Thanks for the wonderful recipe!
    Greetings from Milan (Italy)
    by Giulia

  12. The cheesecake looks soo good.

  13. So beautiful. You did an amazing job and these pictures look fabulous.

  14. Tiramisu & Cheesecake become one! Great Idea!
    Tq for the recipe citra... I'm learning to make cheesecake :D
    Congratz for the top 9 on Foodbuzz! :)
    Btw... we from the same country then - Indonesia! haha ha!
    Nice to know u ;)

  15. Wow! This looks amazing!! This is definitely a saver!

  16. what an incredible cake! I love tiramisu, I can just imagine how good this cake was!

  17. This is indeed a very beautiful cake! Congrats on being No. 1 on Top 9!

  18. Simply Gorgeous!! Gorgeous recipe, gorgeous cake, gorgeous pictures. Well Done! : )

  19. that is beautiful and looks so delicious! cheese cake and tiramisu - best of both worlds!! :)

  20. delicious looking tiramisu cake congrats on the top 9

  21. that's look so delish i'm agreed is beautiful cheesecake,i'm sure taste great as it look :)
    keep masak-masak ya !!

  22. Your cheesecake looks soo good... just like it sounds!!

  23. This is classy and looks yummy! I want to try this one out! Also tried recipes at www.gourmandia.com and www.gourmetrecipe.com and for cakes at www.everything-cake.com


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