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Cherry Cake

Merhaba From Türkiye 👋

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CHERRY CAKE | Citra's home diary. #poundcake #cerrycake #coffeecake #fruitcake #cakebuahcerry #buttercake
Yaayyy... Summer really come in market :))
Many kinds of fruits and vegetables which I couldn't find in wintertime, now everywhere in farmer market, and the price getting low each day :))
And I found many many fresh cherries with low price as well as strawberry and other summer fruits.
Cherry season is coming.... Hubby bought some kilos, now I'm thinking how will I do with those many cherries... For the start.. it's my simple Cherry Cake.

Cherry Cake
By: Çitra's Home Diary

Make one 22 cm bund pan

 1 cup pitted fresh cherries, cut quartered or halved
 ¾ cup caster sugar
 2 large egg
 ¼ cup (± 60 g) unsalted butter, 
Soften at room temperature. Plus for greasing baking pan 

CHERRY CAKE | Citra's home diary. #poundcake #cerrycake #coffeecake #fruitcake #cakebuahcerry #buttercake

 2 cups all-purpose flour
 1 tsp baking powder
 ½ cup whole milk
 2 tsp Vanilla powder
 Icing sugar for topping (optional)

CHERRY CAKE | Citra's home diary. #poundcake #cerrycake #coffeecake #fruitcake #cakebuahcerry #buttercake

1) Preheat oven 180 ⁰C. Grease your bundt pan (Capacity 1 ½ liters) with butter and set aside. Mix and sift together, flour, Vanilla powder, and baking powder set aside. 

2) Beat butter and sugar until creamy, beat in eggs one at a time, beat really well on each addition. Beat until smooth about 7 minutes. 

3) Mix in flour mixture alternately with milk in 3 additions ending by milk, using a spatula or wooden spoon mix them to perform smooth and no lump. Combine part portion of cherry and stir again until blended perfectly. 

CHERRY CAKE | Citra's home diary. #poundcake #cerrycake #coffeecake #fruitcake #cakebuahcerry #buttercake

4) Arrange the remaining cherry in the bottom of the pan and carefully pour the batter into it. Bake for 45 ~ 50 minutes until cooked. Tests with bamboo skewer.
Let it cool to room temperature before unmold and dust with icing sugar.

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  1. Citra,

    Cherries are so expensive here. It's about USD$8 for 250gm. I love cherries! During summer in Aussie where I once reside, it only cost about AUS$4 perkg. How I wish they can sell cheaper cherries in Malaysia.

  2. @Sizuka indeed shidah.. in 2 seasons country like Indonesia or malaysia, fruits like cherries and 'berries family' are mostly expensive, maybe because low productivity karena tak banyak yang minat .. Maybe :))
    tapi one day, saya yakin, makin banyak permintaan, makin banyak farmer plant them :) Hope so

  3. Guess my recent post inspired you-ha! Great looking cake here, looks very moist. You must have had a non stick pan or how did you keep the fruit from sticking?
    Awesome pics.

  4. I would so love to make this beautiful and delicious looking cake but cherries are very expensive here since they're imported. Hopefully one day they will come up with locally grown ones since they're doing so well with strawberries these days. So for now, I shall enjoy looking at your beautiful pictures.

  5. @Tinayour karma cherry cake? hmm.... maybe ..:))) beside I use non stick bundt pan, I also grease lightly that pan with butter

  6. @pingyes Ping.. maybe with high demand, your local farmer could plant this cherry locally :)

  7. Wow, it looks delicious. I love cherries as well. Your husband is awesome for having brought those home.

  8. oh my, i love how the cherries are blossoming out of this cake!! sooooo yummy! organic cherries are on sale at whole foods in america this friday and i am psyched! maybe i'll try to attempt this cake!

  9. Lovely...... will try one of this day. Thanks for the great idea

  10. Wowwwww! Your cherry cake looks so moist and delicious! I need to buy a mold like this. It looks nice when you serve. Sigh, I wish I have a piece of this right now. It's a perfect dessert....

  11. Looks beautiful- soft, delicious and with cherries!!

  12. Such a stunning cake, Citra...and the crumb looks perfect! I could justify a huge slice for breakfast :)

  13. The cherry cake looks perfect and yummy! I'd really love to try this recipe out!! Saving the recipe.

  14. The top of this cake looks like it has a cherry ribbon! YUM!!

  15. Oh I loooove the top of the cake! That is gorgeous!

  16. Citra,

    I went to Jusco few days ago and guess what? I saw raspberries from Indonesia! I didnt know Indonesia is planting raspberries for export now :)

  17. @Sizuka ah ya.. I forget to tell U that some farmer in high place have some 'berries family' farming and they produce good quality of them, but U know since export price more 'tempting' for them, so they probably prefer to export than selling locally :))

  18. If you can believe it, I am absolutely salivating and imagining how utterly delicious your simple, and most amazing cherry cake is. Love the powdered sugar sprinkled on the top. Oh, so pretty, and so moist, this cake is.
    Cherries here cost and "arm and a leg" so expensive...they come from California!

  19. Fresh cherries are the best and this is such a great use for them!

  20. OH MY SWEET LORD....

    Oh that is so pretty and sounds JUST DELICIOUS! a perfect submission. Please make us a habit and submit any new posts and you are certainly welcome and encouraged to post any of your backstock of recipes. just loving your blog

  21. Cheery is my fruit and absolutely love cheery cakes, im going to try this recipe, thanks


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