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Stuffed Chicken Wings... and I'm back ! ^,^

 It's been for a while I've been absence.. I had some administrative things to do. I'd been to Ankara for few days. Beside went to my embassy, I met some other Indonesian friends there... lovely time. After from Ankara, I went to some other places too... hhh... thanks God, everything are finish now... 
With some Indonesian friends in Ankara
Well... after some time didn't write any post... today I started with one of my favorite.. I'm sure it will be your fave too after you try it ^,^

I love chicken, especially wing part.. I don't know why, I think it more crispy than other part, don't you think so? @(^,^)@
If you are boring just fried them, why don't you try this stuffed recipe or your chicken wing..

What you Need:
 10 clean chicken wings. Discard the bones inside the wings, coat with 2 tablespoons lemon juice and a pinch of salt, let stand minimum 30 minutes.
 ½ portion of boneless chicken breasts, minced. (Or you can use 300 gr minced beef)
 200 gr shrimp, discard head and tail, minced.
 2 large carrots, finely shaved.
 1 egg, lightly beaten.
 2 tsp oyster sauce
 1 teaspoon ground ginger
 3 cloves garlic, finely grated.
 Sugar, salt and black pepper powder to taste.
Other Ingredients for coating:
 2 eggs, beaten
 Bread crumb flour/ panko flour
 Cooking oil.

1) In a bowl, mix together, minced chicken, shrimp, carrots, eggs and all seasonings,taste the flavor. Put the stuffing mixture into pipping bag and fill prepared chicken wings with it. Steam for 30 minutes. Allow up to room temperature before coating them.
2) Dip wings  into beaten egg, coat with panko flour, dip in beaten egg and coat with panko flour again. Do same to all wings. Heat oil in deep skillet, fry wings just until golden brown. Drain.
Serve warm with chili sauce and your favorite salad.
served 10 wings



  1. wow, stuffed chicken wings! this must have been a hit with your family :) and a lot of work to make, might i add!

  2. Sounds and looks delicous, you also make it look easy. Hopefully will try these one day soon.

  3. AND chilli sauce too, love it. Thanks for the idea have only used stuffed chicken breasts before, nice meal after your journey .

  4. Wow, that sounds like a great filling! Great looking chicken!

  5. Looks tasty!
    can I replace the chicken wings with chic breast? :)

  6. Looks tasty!
    Can I replace the chic wings with chic breast? :)

  7. @Elies_Lie hai Elies.. tentu bisa donk kamu replace with chicken breast :)

  8. I really like this recipe with the merge of shrimp and chicken. We have stuffed wings here, I think they are called angel wings. However, they do not come close to having the flavor ingredients you have in this recipe. Yum! Glad you enjoyed your visit to Ankara

  9. Hi Citra, I have missed you and your posts. I'm glad you're back and with such a lovely dish too! Nice to hear you had a great time in Ankara.

  10. lovely this looks fabulous lovely combinations

  11. What great dish. Thanks for sharing!


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