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Gulai Ikan Asam Pedas / Indonesian Spicy Sour Fish Curry

During my pregnancy, until this week 16th, my appetite has not returned to normal yet. My weight dropped to 2 pounds at last check. Nausea is also occasionally appear suddenly, especially when I'm cold.

I can not eat any Turkish food (or other food) as usual--even just only I remember it, I could be wamble! something which very strange and unreasonable by my husband .. But what can I say .. my body and feelings can not lie.

I just can eat my own (Indonesian) foods even though not all Indonesian meal I want to eat. Especially sour and fresh things are all I want ... plus February is still frozen (winter this year is colder winter than previous years).
So I made ​​this spicy sour fish curry to appetite my self in this cold February. If you want to try it also, you could check  my recipe below.

• 2 medium-size mackerel (or cod or salmon or pompano), cleaned and cut according to taste. Give a squeeze of lemon juice to prevent fishy smell
• 2 bay leaves
• 2 ~ 3 cm galangal, lightly crushed
• 1 medium green or red tomato, sliced ​​crescent shape
• 1 tablespoon tamarind paste (or you can soak dried  tamarind with little hot water)
• A little cooking oil for sauteing

Mash/ blend the ingredients:
• 5 ~ 6 shallots
• 5 ~ 6 garlic
• Few bird eye chilli to taste (if you do not want to be too spicy, you can just slice them)
• 2 ~ 3 long red cayenne pepper / red paprika pepper
• 2 cm fresh ginger
• 1 cm turmeric (1 tsp turmeric powder)

How to cook:
Heat enough oil in pan, saute mashed spices, galangal and bay leaf. Saute until fragrant, pour hot water (± 1 ½ liters), add tamarind paste, salt and sugar, taste it. Put in fish, cover the pan, cook over medium heat several minutes until fish cooked (± 15 minutes). Last put in tomato slices a few minutes before being removed from heat.

Serve warm with white rice.


  1. This is nice gulai Citra..I love this too..and do take care ha...

  2. What a beautiful dish! I hope you were able to eat it with no problem and am so sorry that your pregnancy is giving you so much nausea. I hope it passes soon! In the meantime, I will surely enjoy your Indonesian food.

  3. @Paty: Thank U so Much Dear
    @The MomChef: thx, and yes I hope it will over soon.. and enjoy my Indonesian recipe for a while :))

  4. Baca nya sambil ngacay,,,Looks Yummy banget :)

  5. Ooooh ... I love this sort of curries! Very appetizing indeed! Feel better soon. Maybe some candied ginger might help with your nausea :D

  6. oh congrats! yeah during pregnancy, our appetite and temptation for food can be quite strange! you rest more.

  7. Wow, this looks fantastic! I love fish curries, and sour curry seems like such an amazing twist :) I'd love to try this!

  8. Hope you feel better soon this dish looks like it has a lot of flavour. For my last child I wanted Chinese lemon chicken all the time. I do not like it now I find it too sweet. I do have a lovely son though:-)

  9. I have eaten this dish at an Indonesian restaurant and it's my favourite. I've been dying to find a good recipe to make it at home. Your recipe looks wonderful. When you say bay leaves, do you mean the Indonesian ones (I think Daun Salam?) or western ones?
    Thanks for the recipe. Sorry you are unwell with your pregnancy.

    1. Hai Kristin..thx for visiting and drop me a msg. For best result of course you can use 'daun salam'/ Indonesian bay leaf. But if you can not access it you can use bay leaf but make sure it fresh one to gives more aroma- sometimes I use local bay leaf as well since I'm living far from Indonesia. Hope it answer your question.


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