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Marble Sponge Cake with Pandan swirl

Some my facebook friends posted their beautiful good looking and scrumptious spongecake with many variant in flavors, it makes me drool and finally I got that "spongecake virus" (^,^) in the result.
But beside that "virus" actually I crave about pandan cake lately.... I really really want to make something with pandan flavor. I love pandan since we have many meal using this aromatic leaf...even my mom plants two kind of pandan (aromatic pandan and pandan suji) in our small yard. Aromatic pandan (we call it pandan wangi) mostly has larger leaf than pandan suji and give wonderful aroma in your meal/ dessert. Pandan suji has smaller leaf, it gives strong and nice green color in your meal/dessert, the aroma not really fragrant as aromatic pandan.

And as a "spongecake virus" result, here I made my Pandan Sponge cake (^,^).... 
There was small "accident" during made this cake... I was planning to add few drop of green color to give more vivid green color, but when I tried to drop some color, the inner cap slipped off so almost quarter bottle of green color dropped into my batter..!!
My first plan to make swirl only..end up with slightly layer spongecake.... hhhhh
But it didn't affect taste of the cake thanks God only not as good looking as I wish...anyway.. I'll do better next time. 
This spongecake I copy from my friend's page here which is adapted from NCC page here. Those sources using Indonesian language, so I'll write for you if you want to try it also in your kitchen. I'm telling you this recipe really fail proof...many people use this recipe and end up with fluffy and scrumptious sponge cake.
Since I don't have big bundt pan (recipe calls for bundt pan 24-26 cm diameter), I made half recipe only. Just divide into two the amount of ingredients.

And here the recipe with minor change:

Sponge Cake Dasar--Basic Spongecake
by Fatmah Bahalwan

Bahan/ Ingredients:
  • 8 btr telur/ eggs--> I use medium size
  • 200 gr gula / sugar 
  • 225 gr tepung terigu/ all pupose flour--> I use 200 gr all purpose and 25 gr cornstarch flour
  • 1 sdm emulsifier/ 1 Tbsp emulsifier
  • 100 gr margarine, lelehkan / butter, melted
  • (optional--original recipe didn't use it) I use 1 Tbsp pandan essence and few drops green color 

Cara membuat/ how to:
  1. Panaskan oven 180 derajat celsius/ pre heat oven to 180 deg C.
  2. Kocok telur dan gula sampai naik, masukkan emulsifier, kocok terus hingga kental berjejak (fase ‘jambul petruk’) / With electric mixer whisk eggs dan sugar until pale, thick and ribbon stage.
  3. Tuang tepung terigu sambil di ayak secara bertahap, aduk rata. Masukkan mentega cair, aduk rata. / Gradually sift in flour and fold to combine. Then fold in melted butter, fold until well combine.
  4. Additional step: take half portion of the batter and mix with pandan essence and green coloring, fold carefully to combine, do not over mix.
  5. Tuang kedalam loyang cincin 24-26 cm, panggang hingga matang, kurang lebih 45 menit. / Alternately pour between yellow and green batter into prepared bundt pan and bake about 45 minute or until skewer inserted in the middle of cake came out clean. 
Let the cake completely cold before unmold and cut. You can simply serve just like that or with sprinkle of icing sugar.

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