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Hazelnut Macarons With Nutella Filling

Selam everybody.....Merhaba from Turkey.

İt has been for a while İ didn't post any macarons recipe since my last "Rose Macarons with Rose Raspberry buttercream filling" İ didn't post any macarons not because İ didn't bake one, in fact İ start receive some macarons order since few months ago.

İt happen unexpectedly after one staff of baking distributor where İ usually buying my baking ingredient asked my phone number. She said some people who came to their store often ask her how to make macarons or are they selling one. Yes İ know they don't sell any macarons but some wonderfully delish chocolate. She asked me some questions whether İ can receive some order for macarons so she can give my contact to their customer as well.....

Well....İt was just starting like that. İ was so..so..so exciting (almost nervous) when İ got my 1st call for the macarons 😄

Actually İ received pre order for making some food or cakes with personal touch. Just like this Flower Bouquet cup cake, some one ordered it for her special friends. Or yummy black Forrest cake for anniversary someones special to their anniversary. Just check my "CAKE GALERY" section to see some of my collection. Sorry if İ didn't update picture with new one.

Anyway..... Let's back to my post today. Yep....Another macarons! But wait, this time is different one. İ use hazelnut meal instead of almond meal which İ usually use. No reason, almond meal getting expensive now on my local.. more expensive than pistachio (medium grade. Higher grade pistachio still more expensive) or hazelnut. So this is one of my reason to try hazelnut meal for my macarons. Actually trying hazelnut meal for macarons already on my waiting list since long time ago and now İ think the right time to give a shoot.

İf you are pistachio lover you can see my last post Pistachio Macarons in this link. İ should bake another pistachio macarons soon as well 😊 .

Okay... are you ready for making your own macarons using hazelnut flour? Let's stop this chit chat and you can jump to the recipe. Today İ am using pure icing sugar with no cornstarch mixture. For your information (if you didn't know yet) there are 2 types of confectioners' icing (powdered sugar) sugar on market. The one mixed with certain amount of cornstarch as anti-caking agent and the other is pure milling of granulated sugar. The last type İ mostly use for dusting my donuts as it's easily melting in mouth.

My previous macarons recipes İ used powdered sugar with cornstarch in it, But today İ want to try using second type. When İ processed hazelnut meal with this powdered sugar in food processor, the mixture slightly more moist than when İ used 1st type. But the final result as you can see here..... great.. same as my other macarons in taste and in appearance.

Hazelnut Macarons.
Make about 30 pairs (depens how big you pipe the batter)
  • 80 gr egg whites, İ use left over aged egg white, room temperature
  • 50 gr caster sugar
  • pinch cream of tar tar (optional)
  • 100 gr hazelnut flour
  • 140 gr powdered sugar
  • few drops purple gel color (optional)- today İ use dark purple local product
 How to make Macarons shells:
  1. Put hazelnut meal and icing sugar in food processor with sharp blade and process for 2 or 3 minutes until powdery smooth. Then sieve twice or three times into a bowl, press with back of the spoon until you get fine mixture. Set a side.
  2. İn clean mixing bowl (do not use plastic bowl) whisk egg white with pinch cream of tar tar until foamy, gradually beat in sugar in 3 batches. Continuously whisk until stiff peak and glossy ( about 10 minutes or so depend how strong your mixer is). Before turn off your mixer, whisk in food color till combine (omit this step if you don't use color).
  3. Mix in dry ingredient to the white in 3 batches, fold each addition until dry ingredient well coated with meringue. Continue to fold until you get  mild batter BUT NOT RUNNY. The batter should has ribbon stage consistency. My Note: When you scoop the batter and pour it back, count about 10 second until it disappears. If much longer than 10 sec, you need more folding. But carefull not overmix it.
  4. Transfer to piping bag with round tip (about 2 cm). And pipe to baking tray line with parchment paper approximately 4 to 5 cm in Ø (depend how big you want your macarons) Make space about 1 inch between each other.  Note: Or you can draw some circle in piece of paper then line beneath the parchment paper so you can fill that circle with the batter. you can prepare it in a head. Just remember to slide off that paper before baking. (See step by step picture on my post here)
  5. After you pipe all batter, bang that baking tray few time to remove air which might trap in the batter. İf you see some obvious bubble in surface of your macarons you can tack it with toothpick. Let them sit for about 45 to 60 minute (depend on your local humidity and temperature) or until they dry on surface (when you gently touch it surface, it will not stick in your finger). 
  6. Pre heat your oven at 130 to 140°C fan force /150-160°C no fan  few minute before baking time (from those drying time). Bake about 15 to 20 minute. You can turn over tray to make even baking after 15 minutes. Test them 1st before you take from oven by press them gently, if it's strong and hard enough they should be okay.
  7. Cool them completely before remove from parchment paper. 

You can make your filling in advance or later after you get your macarons done.

Nutella buttercream macarons filling:
  • 100 gr butter, room temperature
  • 150 gr icing sugar
  • ¼ cup nutella
  • 1 tbsp double cream
Cream butter and icing sugar until light and creamy. Beat in nutella and cream then continue to whisk until well combine and turn into buttercream form. Store in refrigerator until thick and ready to use.

Assembly the macarons.

Pair your macarons shells that fit best together. Take one shell from each pair then pipe (or spoon) the filling. Place the second shell cookie pressing gently on the filling to stick them together.
Once all of the macarons are assembled, you should put them in an airtight container, store them in the refrigerator, and let them rest at least for another 24 hours, they are best after 24 hours!

But if you planning keep you macarons longer, Just keep your macarons shell without filling. Store them in airtight container/ ziplock bag and keep in freezer up to 2 months (my own experience).

Happy baking.

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  1. wih maccaron...laf laafff saya belom pernah bikin.. :*

  2. These macarons are so pretty! I never thought to make them with hazelnut flour, but I bet they have a great flavor.

  3. I love them. These pictures are looking beautiful and are mouth watering. I Wanna try this recipe now.


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