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Authentic Turkish Urfa Kebab. Recipe with video / Urfa Kebap (haşhaş kebap)

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Authentic Turkish Urfa Kebab. Recipe with video / Urfa Kebap (haşhaş kebap) | Çitra's Home Diary. #citrashomediary #urfakebap #turkishkebabrecipe #adanakebabrecipe #resepmasakanturki #kebabturki #haşhaşkebap #kabobrecipe #turkishfoodrecipe #grilledrecipe

Urfa kebab is a type from many kebabs in Turkish cuisine, which is unique to Şanlıurfa and the surrounding provinces. The words "Kebab" and "Urfa" came together and gave birth to the name Urfa kebab. Urfa kebab (some call "haşhaş" kebab) is the name given to this plain (but delicious), less spicy kebab.

The most distinctive feature that makes Urfa kebabs different from other kebabs is the meat used. Definitely not made with beef.
It is made only with lamb meat, lamb tail fat, chili pepper flake (pul biber), and salt. No other spices are added. 

Authentic Turkish Urfa Kebab. Recipe with video / Urfa Kebap (haşhaş kebap) | Çitra's Home Diary. #citrashomediary #urfakebap #turkishkebabrecipe #adanakebabrecipe #resepmasakanturki #kebabturki #haşhaşkebap #kabobrecipe #turkishfoodrecipe #grilledrecipe

It said the very special Urfa kebab is made from at least one-year-old male lamb raised in the natural environment in the highlands. The meat then separated from the fat, nerves, veins, and membranes. Then the meat is rested in pieces for a day. Rested meat is minced with a two-handed sharp knife called kıymalı bıçak or mincing knife. Using a mincing knife makes your minced meat less watery.

There is also similar to this kebab named "Adana Kebab" (Kebab from Adana ) which is more spicy than this Urfa (haşhaş) kebab.

But I assure you those kebabs are extremely delicious and once you eat them you won't forget the taste and you will ask more. 

Serving the Urfa kebab:
A typical serving of Urfa kebab; comes with charcoal-cooked meat, roasted tomatoes and green peppers, salad, mint-parsley-garnish-lemon platter, onion salad, and ezme. It is consumed with turnip juice (salgam) or ayran, which is a local beverage. Although it is unique to Urfa, it is included in the menus of kebab sellers/ restaurants all over Turkey.

Authentic Turkish Urfa Kebab. Recipe with video / Urfa Kebap (haşhaş kebap) | Çitra's Home Diary. #citrashomediary #urfakebap #turkishkebabrecipe #adanakebabrecipe #resepmasakanturki #kebabturki #haşhaşkebap #kabobrecipe #turkishfoodrecipe #grilledrecipe

What we need to make Urfa Kebab.

Lamb/ sheep meat, definitely. Is typical Urfa Kebab only use lamb/ sheep meat. 

Lamb/ sheep fat. The fat contribute distingtive taste and aroma, also it's important to keep the kebab moist. Most recipe using tail fat for any kebab we make. For Urfa kebab we use about 20-30% from the meat.

Spices. Since this Urfa kebab different from it's sibling-Adana kebab. The spices we use only salt, and red paper flake (kırmızı pul biber). And since the kebab it self is less spicy we ussualy serve it with spicy Urfa red chili pepper (as your prefer), acılı ezme ( spicy Turkish meze)

How to serve Urfa Kebab.

Generally Urfa kebab serve with lavash flatbread, tomato, red onion-parsley salad and roll as dürüm, so we call it Urfa dürüm
Also in some restaurant Urfa kebab serve with bulgur pilaf with many other side dishes like ezme (meze), salad, grilled green chili and grilled tomato.

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Authentic Turkish Urfa Kebab / Urfa Kebap (haşhaş kebap)
By: Çitra's Home Diary

Make about 10-13 skewers

🍢750 gr Lamb meat. Pat dry with kitchen towel paper and keep in refrig a night to dry
🍢 150-200 gr (tail) fat, chopped roughly
🍢 2-3 tsp (more to taste) red chili flake
🍢 2-3 tsp (or to taste) salt
🍢 some skewers

For salad:
🍢 1-2 red onion (you can use yellow one too), finely sliced
🍢 1 bunch parsley, leaf part only. Finely chopped
🍢 Tomatoes, chopped roughly
🍢 sumac
🍢 salt
🍢 red chili flake (as taste)
🍢 olive oil

🍢 Lavash flatbread for serving
🍢 Green chili peppers

How to make:

1) For Kebab:
Pat dry the lamb meat and cut into small chunk. Mix also with the fat. Then using mincing knife, mince the meat and the fat until finely minced. You may do it in batches if you have small cutting board.
Note: If you want to use ready minced meat you can skip this step. 

Place the minced meat in a big bowl. Season with salt and red chili flake, knead until well blended. You may check the taste first by take a small pinch then grill over the pan. You can add more salt or chili flake if needed.

Cover the kebab mixture then keep in refrigerator about 2 hour. Meanwhile if you use bamboo kebab skewer you can soak them in water.
After resting for 2 hours, start to mount the kebab over the skewer. Lightly wet your palm with oil, take the kebab mixture about one small fist then wrap long around the skewer. See the video how to mount the kebab.
Cover and rest at refrigerator over night.

2. Make salad:
In a bowl mix sliced onion, chopped parsley, chopped toöato with sumac, salt and olive oil, set aside.

3. Grill the kebab.
The best way to grill Urfa kebab is over the char coal. Or you can use electric grilling like me. Other way you can grill in the oven with grilling mode (see my Adana kebab video to see how to grill kebab in the oven).
You can grill the banana chili peppers as well for serving.

4. Serve Urfa dürüm.
Release the kebab from skewer, place over the lavash bread, add onion salad and tomato, season with chili flake for spiciness then wrap into dürüm.
Serve warm immediately with ayran or any beverage you like.

Afiyet Olsun. Enjoy.

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Authentic Turkish Urfa Kebab. Recipe with video / Urfa Kebap (haşhaş kebap) | Çitra's Home Diary. #citrashomediary #urfakebap #turkishkebabrecipe #adanakebabrecipe #resepmasakanturki #kebabturki #haşhaşkebap #kabobrecipe #turkishfoodrecipe #grilledrecipe


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