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French Macarons with Chocolate Caramel Filling (Italian meringue method)

Resep dalam Bhs İndonesia ada di bagian bawah.

Selam everybody....Merhaba from Turkey.

Making macarons is part of my baking journey. İ still remember how many times İ failed baking them before İ finally had my happy ending story.

My 1st succeed macarons was lemon macarons couple years ago, followed by some flavored macarons that become my favorite, especially Pandan macarons with coconut cream filling
For you who never try pandan in your macarons, you should try it...totally delish for your coffee time or entertain your friends.

Or maybe chocolate is your favorite.. you could see my dark chocolate macarons İ previously posted.
All those my macarons are using french meringue method which is starts with raw egg whites, whipped until they're foamy enough to hold stiff peaks, then fold into almond icing sugar mixture.
For Macarons with French meringue method, you can visit my category list "MACARONS" .

Just for information there are three method to whip the egg white; French method ( İ mentioned above), Swiss method and İtalian method.

Swiss meringue method is combines the granulated sugar and egg whites up front, whisking them together over a water bath to about 140°F (60°C), then whipping them until stiff peak stage.

You might know that macarons are highly unreliable cookies, even if you have made them several times. The results can vary from time to time, and sometimes you have no idea what went wrong when you got your macarons has no feet or crack or collapse after baking. 
It takes some time to figure out what works for you, in your kitchen and oven. 

When making macarons, most patisseries use the Italian method, due to the reliability of Italian meringue. People say it's very stable, which is important for a well-shaped macaron as well as fail-safe.

That's one of my reason also İ want to start my baking journey using İtalian meringue method for my macarons. İn this method we will whip the meringue with hot sugar syrup until it thick and glossy before adding it to almond mixture.

So voalla... here it is my blue macarons using my first italian meringue method 😍😎

For this method İ use liquefied egg white which is the egg white that had been placed in clean jar, İ covered with cling wrap with some small holes to let water content evaporate. İ kept my egg white in refrigerator 3 or 4 days.

Well tell you the truth İ didn't open new eggs in purpose to make macarons. Those egg whites was my left over one which İ kept it that way so anytime İ want to bake macarons, İ already have liquefied egg whites ready in hand.

Are you ready to bake your own macarons? go ahead... read the rest of this post.

Macarons with Chocolate Caramel Filling (italian method)

Make about 30 pairs, depend how big you pipe your macarons

For macarons shells:
  • 150 gr almond flour
  • 150 gr confectioner's sugar
  • 55 gr aged egg whites ROOM TEMPERATURE
  • 150 gr caster sugar
  • 37 gr water
  • 55 gr aged egg whites ROOM TEMPERATURE
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  •  ½  tsp blue gel or powder food color (or any color you want)

How to make Macarons shells:

1) Combine almond meal and confectioner's sugar in a food processor then process for 3 to 4 minutes until it mix and powdery smooth. Transfer to a clean bowl (avoid using plastic bowl). İ use my ceramic bowl.

2) Add in egg white from 1st part to the almond mixture, mix well to make homogenous paste. You may add food coloring in this stage or later. Cover with cling wrap and set a side.

3) Place 2nd part of egg white in grease-free aluminium bowl. Make sugar syrup by boil caster sugar and water in small sauce pan and place over medium heat, when it reach 110°C start whipping your egg white to soft peak using medium speed.

4) When the sugar syrup reach 118°C remove from heat and pour the syrup in a thin, steady stream into the meringue while continue whisking the meringue on high speed until it thick and shiny.

5) Scoop ⅓  
part of meringue into almond paste and begin to fold and scrap to incorporating the paste with meringue. Add the rest of meringue to the paste and continue doing this MACARONAGE step until you get very thick ribbon consistency. When you lift the batter with spatula it will drop continuously and it'll disappear in few second.
İ put my video below how İ get my consistency, İ hope it'll give you a brief illustration.

6) Transfer the batter into piping bag with 2 cm round tip and pipe the batter into prepare baking tray lined with parchment paper approximately 4 to 5 cm in diameter (depending how big you prefer for your macarons). Make space approximately 2,5 cm between each round.  

Image result for round tip nozzle

7) After you pipe all batter, rap that baking tray few times (each side) to remove air which might trap in the batter. İf you see some obvious bubble in surface of your macarons you can puncture it with toothpick. 

Let them sit for about 30 to 60 minute (depend on your local humidity and temperature) or until they dry on surface (when you gently touch it surface, it will not stick in your finger). This drying step to form "skin" on your macarons you'll get nice "feet" when you bake later.

8) Pre heat your oven at 130°C to 140°C( fan force) or 150-160°C no fan, at least 15 minutes before baking time (from those drying time). Bake about 18 to 20 minute. 

Test them 1st before you take from oven by press them gently, if it's strong and hard enough they should be okay.
Cool them completely before remove from parchment paper.

You can make filling in advance or after you bake your shells.

Make Chocolate Caramel filling:
  • 200 gr caster sugar
  • 50 gr  butter
  • 200 ml whole milk
  • 150 gr dark or milk chocolate chip
  • pinch of salt
How to:

1) İn heavy bottomed sauce pan, heat the sugar. Stir frequently with wooden spoon until it melt and change color to amber. İt will look coarse-grained it first but it will melt soon. Just do not leave the pan, keep stirring.

2) Once all sugar melted and become dark amber in color, CAREFULLY add the butter, gently stirring until butter are melted.

3) Then SLOWLY add milk while you keep stirring your caramel-you should keep on eye if there is a little splash from the pan while you pouring the cream-careful not burn your hand.
Stir the caramel for 1 or 2 minute more before adding the rock salt. Stir to dissolved well,let it bubbling 1 minute more before remove from heat.

4) Remove from heat and stir in chocolate chip, let it melt and stir to combine. Let it cool down and move to piping bag. Set a side until you ready to fill macarons.

Assembling the macarons:

Pair your macarons shells that fit best together. Take one shell from each pair then pipe (or spoon) the filling. Place the second shell cookie pressing gently on the filling to stick them together.
Once all of the macarons are assembled, you should put them in an airtight container, store them in the refrigerator, and let them rest at least for another 24 hours, they are best after 24 hours!

If you want to keep macarons longer, do not fill them in advance. Just keep your macarons shells in pair in airtight container/ ziplock bag then keep in fridge up to a month or in freezer up to 2 month.


Assalamu'alaykum.... Merhaba dari Türkey.

APa kabar? 
Sudah agak lama gak posting macarons ya. Baking macarons sih sering..tapi karena menggunakan metode dan resep yang hampir sama saya jarang posting di blog saya.
Posting dan nulis di blog macam gini kan butuh waktu dan tenaga juga...
Sebab waktu lebih banyak saya habiskan buat main dan belajar bersama anak saya...
Juga sudah mulai masuk musim dingin..jadi lebih sering ngerajut (crochet) baju anak daripada didepan laptop buat update isian.

Tapi kali saya ingin berbagi resep macarons dengan metode italian meringue.... mencoba melompat dari zona aman yang biasanya pakai metode french meringue...
Ada yang bilang menggunakan metode italian meringue untuk baking macarons mengurangi resiko gagal..well...kita coba aja yuk..

Jika ingin menggunakan metode french meringue bisa tengok postingan macarons saya yang lalu di kategori list "MACARONS" ya.

Bahan untuk macarons shells:

  • 150 gr tepung almon
  • 150 gr gula halus/ gula icing
  • 55 gr putih telur yang sudah menginap, SUHU RUANG
  • 150 gr gula kastor
  • 37 gr air
  • 55 gr putih telur yang sudah menginap, SUHU RUANG
  • 1 sdt vanilla extract
  •  ½ sdt pewarna makanan (kali ini saya pakai jenis powder warna biru)
Cara membuat macarons shell:

1) Ayak tepung almon dan gula halus 2 atau 3 kali, sisihkan yang kasar. Taruh di mangkok yang cukup besar, sebaiknya hindari menggunakan mangkok plastik.

2) Tambahkan putih telur bagian I kedalam campuran almon, aduk rata dengan spatula hingga tercampur rata menyerupai pasta. Pada tahap ini bisa ditambahkan pewarna makanan jika pakai. Tutup dengan plastik film dan sisihkan.

3) Sementara itu kita buat meringue nya. Taruh putih telur bagian II dalam mangkok mixer (hindari menggunakan mangkok plastik). Panaskan gula kastor dan air dalam panci kecil dengan api sedang besar hingga mendidih. Jika suhu syrup gula sudah mencapai 110°C (gunakan candy thermometer), mulai mengocok putih telur dengan kecepatan sedang saja hingga hampir stiff peak.

4) Jika syrup gula sudah mencapai suhu 118°C, tuang syrup gula ke kocokan putih telur sambil tetap dikocok dengan kecepatan tinggi. TUANG SYRUP SEDİKİT DEMİ SEDİKİT DENGAN ALİRAN TUANG YANG TİPİS di dinding mangkok agar meringue tidak mencair lagi dan rusak. Kocok terus putih telur hingga mengembang sekali dan stiff peak.
5) Ambil sedikit meringue dan campurkan ke pasta almon, aduk balik sambil ditekan hingga tercampur rata. Lalu masukkan sisa meringue, aduk balik sambil ditekan hingga campuran mempunyai konsistensi ribbon stage.

6) Pindah ke piping bag dengan round tip diameter kurleb 2 cm. Lalu spuitkan ke loyang beralas baking paper. Jatuhkan loyang dari semua sisi untuk meratakan permukaan macarons dan mengeluarkan udara di dalamnya. Diamkan kurleb 20-60 mnt atau hingga permukaannya kering sentuh.

7) pre heat oven suhu 150°C-160°C. Oven macarons kurleb 13-15 menit hingga matang. Dianginkan dan siap diberi isian.



  1. I Love that chocolate caramel filling! And the color, so neat!

    1. İ think everybody love chocolate caramel ganache.. ^,^ . thank you Rebecca

  2. Love that pretty color! These look so delicious!


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