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Rosettes / Honeycomb Fried Cookies / Kuih Loyang / Kembang Goyang

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Rosettes / Honeycomb  Fried Cookies / Kuih Loyang / Kembang Goyang

In Indonesian we call it "Kembang Goyang", its traditional snack from Indonesia. 
Kembang means flower. Goyang literally means shaking. Cause we shake the mold (mostly flower shape) after dip into batter and fry in hot oil to release the cookie.

In old time, Indonesian made this cookies only for special occasion such as wedding ceremony, circumcision ceremony or other traditional ceremony. Also during some religious holiday celebration. 

Kembang Goyang basically made of rice flour which is mixed with eggs, sugar, a pinch of salt, and coconut milk. Even though some recipe use tapioca starch and or flour to enrich the texture. It is super crispy and ultra-thin, you'll enjoy not only 3 or 4 pieces ... you want to take 1 jar! 😄

Other combinations also on color and flavors. Mostly we find this snack in mild sweet flavor, but sometimes people make it savory as well. Adding traditional pandan flavor and color is common. If you want to play around with colors and flavors try with rose-pink color, or ginger-yellow. I remember my late grandmother added mild ginger flavor in it.
Adding sesame seeds also can be vary- just like what I made today.

Rosettes / Honeycomb  Fried Cookies / Kuih Loyang / Kembang Goyang

This fried snack also famous to neighboring countries with different name. In Malaysia, Singapore, Brunai , Thailand and further more. Some call it rosette cookies, lotus cookies or kueh loyang. Or behieve / honeycomb cookies, depends on the mold shape used.
But I found similar cookie also in Turkey with the name "demir tatlısı" . Demir means iron which is the mold used and tatlısı from word tatlı, means sweet. Even here they don't use rice flour but the texture almost same, crispy and thin. Sometime sugar syrup adding in it, sometimes just sprinkle with powdered sugar which is similar to Scandinavian or Swedish rosettes 😊

Rosettes / Honeycomb  Fried Cookies / Kuih Loyang / Kembang Goyang

For making this cookies of course you should purchase the mold which is I believe not difficult to find since this is not only famous in Asia as I mentioned above. It may come up with different name.

So here is my recipe how to make traditional "kembang goyang" or "kueh loyang"

Rosettes / Honeycomb / Kuih Loyang / Kembang Goyang Fried Cookies
By: Çitra's Home Diary

Make about 400 gr
🌼 2 medium eggs
🌼 70 gr caster sugar
🌼 pinch of salt
🌼 150 gr medium thickness coconut milk
🌼 150 gr rice flour
🌼 50 gr tapioca starch
🌼 50 gr AP flour
🌼 1 tsp vanilla powder (optional)
🌼 sesame seeds (optional)
🌼 enough cooking oil for deep fry

How to make:

1) Whisk eggs, sugar and salt until sugar dissolve. Whisk in coconut milk followed with all flour and vanilla. Continue to whisk until you get smooth batter. Add sesame seeds if use.
Note: You can use blender jar or hand held bender to mix all to smooth batter.

2) Heat cooking oil for deep fry. Dip also cookie mold until very hot. Then carefully dip the mold into the batter, do not dip down all part, leave upper part clean from batter. Then put into hot oil and shake the mold to release the cookie. Use skewer to help cookies release from the mold easily.
See my video below to give you illustration how to do it. 
Note: the mold must very hot before you dip into batter otherwise cookie will stick in mold.

Note: I use 2 pans to fry the cookie. One pan for dip the mold and other (wider) for fry the cookies slowly. I use medium to low heat for frying the cookies in 2nd pan.

3) Fry the cookies until slightly golden red. Drain from excess oil over paper towel. Store in airtight jar.
Note: The cookies looks soft during frying, it will harden after removing from heat. 

Enjoy and good luck 💮

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Rosettes / Honeycomb  Fried Cookies / Kuih Loyang / Kembang Goyang



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