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Sehriyeli Pilavı (Turkish Pilaf)

Turkish Pilavı or Pilaf  has a different cooking method compare to Indonesian rice cooking method, which through two stages (We're talking "old fashioned way" , not using an electric rice cooker ). That is cooked 1st in boiling water until half cooked and then steam it.
Turkish Pilavı only through one cooking stage. Another differences is mostly Turkish pilaf used vegetable oil / margarine and add arpa şehriye

Ingredients and How to make:
- 2 cups of rice, wash and soak with warm water approximately 30. Drain.
- 1 / 2 cup 
arpa şehriye
- 1 / 4 cup cooking oil / liquid margarine
- 4 cups hot chicken broth (can be replaced with hot water plus stock block). If the type of rice you used, will need more broth, can be added the amount.
- Salt to taste.

Heat oil / butter in a pot or teflon (I use Teflon) with cover. Put arpa şehriye, stir until dark brown color (do not let burn). Then add rice, stir again until rice mix with oil. Reduce heat. Add hot broth and salt, stir well again. Close tight and shall not be opened until the rice is cooked. Leave the cooking over low heat for approximately 20 min. Turn off the heat. But do not open the lid during the first 5-10 min.
After 5-10 min, lid can be opened and Turkish Pilavı can be served warm.

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