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Salamlı börek

This time I made another kind of börek. I made with "salam" as filling. "Salam" is almost like sausage but a little different in taste. Have bigger shape than normal sausage. We can bake this Salamlı börek or we can fry it, both of ways are same delicious but I prefer fry because more simple (no need brush egg yolk and black sesame seeds) and the filo dough became more crispy.. Let's try to make it...
Fried Börek

-Salam or you can use sausage 100 gr-chopped small cube
-vegetable oil for brush filo dough
-3 pcs Filo dough
-1 big onion-chopped finely
-2 pcs garlic (optional)- chopped finely
- 5 long green banana pepper(or bell pepper)-clean the seeds and chopped small cube
-1 big tomato-chopped small cube
- salt as taste
:: If you want to fry this börek to fry, you need vegetable oil to fry in deep pan

:: If you want to bake this börek to bake; You will need other materials:
- 1 egg yolk
- Black sesame seed (or any sesame you have)

How to make:
1) For filling: mix all ingredients (but filo dough)
2)Unfold 1 pc of filo dough, brush with vegetable oil and fold it become half round. Cut it into 8 pcs (become triangle shape). see the Illustration picture
3) brush again the surface with vegetable oil and fill with "salam" filling. Fold and roll like a picture.

::If you want to bake-> Brush the surface with egg yolk and spread with black sesame seeds. Then bake 160 C around 20 mnt or until golden.
Bake  börek

::Easy if you want just fry. Heat a bit much vegetable oil on deep pan. fry the börek until golden brown.

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