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Cara Membuat Tahu sendiri/ Homemade tofu

Have you eat tofu?- it's healthy.
Have you ever think to make your own tofu?- beside it's easy, it's also healthy because anything we make by our self, we can control what and how the ingredients we use.
Tofu was my daily food back when I was in Indonesia. I ate it almost everyday on my menu. You can eat it as  a snack or as side dish. So, when I'm living here I can not find ready tofu here in Turkey.. maybe nobody eat tofu here :))
Then I feel something missing from my menu... so here I am.. making my own tofu... Try it once and you will like it too.. ^,^

Things to Prepare:
1) a large pot at least 6 liters capacity
2) Sieve/ strainer
3) Cheese cloth to filter or can use a clean cloth thin cotton.
4) Blender/ food processor
5) Tofu mould-anything you have with holes.
6) Weight or press tools

• 500 grams of soybean
• Warm water
• ± 200 ml lemon / lime juice

How to make:
A) Rinse soybeans. Soak in plenty of water (see Figure 1). Soak overnight untill double its volume because absorbed water (Fig. 2). Rinse and drain (Fig. 3).

B) Blend soy bean with warm water, the ratio 1: 4 in volume = 1 for soybeans: 4 for water (Figure 4). Prepare a strainer and cheese cloth. Strain and wring out the blender yield (figure 5). You may keep the dregs and  used to make tempeh gembus.

C) Put all soy milk in big pan, heat until almost boiling (Fig. 6). You can cover with lid, but let it open a bit so it won't boil overt. After almost boiling, let stand briefly until lukewarm. Then slowly add lemon juice while stirring very slow until the soy agglomerate such as figure 7, Leave it up to room temperature and precipitation settled.

D) Prepare tofu mold like a figure 8, Cover with cheese cloth (cotton filtre). Slowly, pour the soy precipitation/ sediment into the mold (Figure 9) and cover with the rest of the filter cloth (Fig. 10). Give ballast like the picture 11. As you can see at Fig. 12, residu fluid drop down from the mold. This process  for about 3 ~ 5 hours.

E) If you want more dense tofu, Steamed after being pressed. 
The process of making yellow tofu, add a little salt, turmeric powder and garlic powder in the cooking process No. 6. 

Have a try.



  1. Wow,,,, two thumb up for you,i know is alot of work but is worth it :) tofu is my favorite too,good job citra :) just like what you said keep masak-masak terus,I'm a cook at work
    and still cooking at home :) i wish i can buzz it 10 time on food buzz for this homemade tofu ,,hahaha,,,

  2. That is AWESOME! You make it look so easy.
    You are correct though you can control your ingredients so much better when you make the item youself.

  3. Woaa!! Thumbs Up for u citra!
    Great tips - great recipe - healthy keeper!
    Yes... I remember when my friend who loves in uk likely share with me when they miss all indonesia ingredients - tofu, tempe, chili padi, etc
    congratz to u - u have pass that "obstacle" :)
    Enjoy ur tofu Citra! ;)

  4. I eat tofu ALL of the time, but have never made it myself. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Great that you have been making your own tofu. I also have been doing the same, although I cheat a little...I use a soy milk maker ;o) Nice to see that someone else likes tofu as much as I do! Thanks for sharing!

  6. OMG you made your own tofu?? I bow for you! Never knew there was lemon juice in tofu. At least I've never tasted it.

  7. @Asian-spice mix U are cooking at work too? are U chef? wow.... :)

  8. @Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family since it's easy for U no.. let's start to make it then.. ^,^

  9. @KEcker tofu and "tempe" (fermented soy bean) is being a part of my life since I was a kid dear.. nice knowing U too like tofu ^,^

  10. My goodness, Citra! You're amazing! I wouldn't have thought of making my own tofu altho I do make my own soy milk. All that manual squeezing is quite tough on my small hands. I don't like using a soy milk machine either.

  11. you make it look so easy!!! i love the step by step tutorial :)

  12. I love tofu too and this tutorial is wonderful! i'm gonna attempt this on my next day off!


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