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Pandan and Coconut Steamed Cake

Pandan or Pandanus amaryllifolius one kind of tropical plant. The plant is rare in the wild but is widely cultivated. It is an upright green plant with fan-shaped sprays of long, narrow, blade like leaves and woody aerial roots. The plant is sterile, flowers only very rarely, and is propagated by cuttings.

used widely in Southeast Asian cooking as a flavoring-wikipedia

Beside can give such a nice flavoring in foods, some kind of pandan can give beautiful natural green color, I just love it.

This pandan we can plant it either on garden yard or inside pot. Too bad I don't have it in my home here. I have no idea even if I can bring this plant here, whether it can survive in 4 season country like Turkey. I remember my mom plants this pandan in pot at our house in Indonesia.

Last time my friend brought me pandan paste from Indonesia and give me 1 small bottle. I was so happy cause I miss it's fragance and I miss some Indonesian food (mostly dessert and cake) using this pandan falvor...

So here it is my 1st Pandan cake in Turkey @(^,^)@

You can try to find this pandan paste in Asian grocery store in your country/ city, maybe you'll get lucky to have one...

 Ingredients A:
• ¾ cup grated coconut (fresh or dried)
• 2 tablespoons caster sugar

Ingredients B:
• 3 medium eggs
• ¾ cup caster sugar
• 1 cup + 2 tablespoons flour
• 1 tablespoon cornstarch
• 1 tsp vanilla powder
• 1 teaspoon baking powder
• pinch of fine salt
• 1 ½ tsp pandan paste
• 100 gr unsalted butter, melted and mixed with ½ cup olive oil


1) Prepare bundt pan 1 ½ liters capacity, basting with margarine and set aside. Heat water in a steamer pot over medium heat to produce enough steam.

2) Mix the ingredients A, set aside. Sift and mix together: flour, baking powder,vanilla powder, cornstarch and salt. Set aside.

3) Beat eggs and sugar until pale and fluffy. Gradually fold in flour mixture alternately with melted butter, fold nicely until all well blended.

4) Take 1 cup of the batter and mix with material A. Pour into bundt pan and steam ± 5 minutes. Give pandan paste to the remaining batter,fold nicely until blended through. Pour the batter over the whites, continue steaming until cooked about 45 minutes. Check with a skewer, if the stick comes out clean, means the cake is ready to remove from the steamer.

Enjoy you pandan coconut cake ^,^

Pandan leaves


  1. Citra,

    Cantiknya the pandan cake and it's easy enuff to make. I love anything with pandan and coconut. It's delicious! :)

  2. WOW! The pandan coconut cake looks so pretty. I thought is a jelly at the first glance :D

  3. @Sizuka Terima kasih dear... U know, all my cake is foolproof and cheap (3 eggs only) tapi.. I guarantee... your family will love it! like mine here :)

  4. I love the vibrant green colour! The cake seems incredibly moist and fluffy. Can’t go wrong with pandan and coconut =)

  5. Is this the Indonesian pandan steamed cake? :D
    the colour looks amazing! ;)

  6. @Lillythx Lil ! ^,^ it is moist and fluffy.. U should try sometime :)

  7. @Elies_Lie Halo Elis... pertama aku pikir mau bikin putu ayu, tapi lagi tak ada santan.. so I modify . and taadaaa.. :)) ayo.. coba donk..:)

  8. Citra,pandan is my favorite too,i miss kind steam cake like this,Indonesia is Rich about foods culture " ber aneka ragam makanan ' and i don't have a chance to try them all,i will make this cake one day, and use ur recipe :)

  9. @Asian-spice mix Hi Ridwan, thx for dropping by.. I'll be happy if you wanna try my recipe.. check my other steamed cake too if you couldn't access to pandan paste :)

  10. @Anncoo thx dear.. I admire some of ur recipe too ! ^,^

  11. beautiful steamed cake :D i love the different layers in this cake! i'm hosting a cake bloghop tomorrow on my blog for the month of august! i would love for you to link up your cake recipe so that others can see your lovely steamed cake!

  12. @Junia thank U dear.. and I'd love to participate on ur bloghop.. I'll check your link after this.. thx :)

  13. @Junia thank U dear.. and I'd love to participate on ur bloghop.. I'll check your link after this.. thx :)

  14. You are the expert when come to steam cake. I'll always failed, anyway it looks so tempting, will try soon for my breaking fast thanks for sharing.

  15. Everything you post is just beautiful! This included! The vibrant green is stunning...I'd love to sample a slice or two :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. @Lizzy thx Liz.. have a great weekend for U too

  17. @Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. thx patty.. for me steam is the most easiest way to make my cake, I nvr fail in steam.. I don't know why U fail with it, but I saw some great post of U by steam way... asal batter yg kita bikin benar, saya rasa tak ada masalah lain. Happy steaming ^,^

  18. the cake bloghop is up now! come join the fun :). you can post any cake recipe from the month of august! :D

  19. this is such a beautiful cake!! must be so fragrant with the pandan paste..next time i shall also try steaming my cake using a bundt tin..


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