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Chocolate Almond Steamed Brownies

First, I'd like to say: Happy Ramazan and have a fasting for all Muslims around the world.

I love steamed method to cook my cake. I feel "safe and secure" with it :))  Risk free..

In Indonesia, steamed brownie is very popular (compare to bake brownies) and it's everybody's favorite. Many kind of steamed Brownies we usually vary, start from Pandan flavor to Cheese brownies (-- I know, it's really rare you find those Brownies)

This time I made Chocolate Almond Steamed brownies, the ingredients and method are very much simple so I believe you can make it at your home and present different taste of brownies.

 3 medium eggs
 ¾ cup caster sugar (if you want more sweet, add 2 tablespoons sugar)
 1 cup flour, sifted
 2 tablespoons almond flour
 3 tablespoons dark cocoa powder, sifted
 Pinch of fine salt
 50 gr dark cooking chocolate (DCC)
 ¾ cup olive oil (or vegetable oil)
 Butter for grease the loaf pan (or cooking spray)
 Almonds for garnish (optional)


1) Prepare enough water in steamer pan and bring to a boil over medium heat. Grease a loaf pan (25 x 22 x 4 cm) with butter. *I use half round shape loaf pan here.
Arrange some almonds (for garnish) in the bottom of your loaf pan set aside.

2) Double boil DCC until melted and mixed with olive oil, set aside. Mix all dry ingredients: almond meal, flour, salt and dark cocoa powder, set aside.

3) Beat eggs and sugar until thick and pale (about 7 minutes). mix in all dry ingredients alternately with melted chocolate+ oil mixture  in three additions, ending with oil+ melted chocolate, fold carefully to perform smooth batter (no lump).

4) Pour into prepared pan, steam for 45 ~ 50 minutes until cooked. Tests with a skewer (it will comes out clean when inserted in the middle of brownies). 
Remove from steamer and let stand ± 20 minutes before un-mold. Slice them about 1 finger thick to served.

Enjoy with your coffee or milk.


  1. İ like brownies and make them but have never heard of steamed brownies. Thanks for the recipe and I will try and make these soon. I also want to try making those asian steamed chicken buns --- I absolutely adore those.

  2. Nice change of pace from the same old baked brownies. I am sure that these are extra moist since they are steamed-simply delicious!

  3. Wow, I would never have thought to steam brownies. I like the idea, I bet they are really moist!

  4. @Carolyn thank U Carolyn... Have a try an tell me what U think :)

  5. @TinaThx Tina.. it's indeed old fashioned one but steamed version..:)

  6. @Simcha Thx for visiting my Blog.. U also have a nice page.. love it :)

  7. Citra,

    When my brother came back from Bandung recently, he bought a loaf of steamed brownies. That's how I know that steamed brownies are popular in Indonesia. Yours looks so moist and delicious. Will try it tomorrow. I've all the ingredients. Kalau boleh, hari ni mau buat the brownies. But I'm a bit capek.. huhuhu.. too many things need to be done.

  8. oh my this looks decadent and rich!!! i have a weakness for brownies. i bet steaming gives you such a soft and fluffy texture to it!

  9. @SizukaU are absolutely right Shida! :) Bandung is popular with steamed brownies' stall and shops. U can find them in every corner on street. But not only in Bandung now, steamed brownies (browni Kukus) is now getting popular in many cities.. Hope U like it after try it :)

  10. Happy Ramazan! These steamed versions are really sounding like fabulous brownies to try out in my kitchen...Loved the way you write. Way to go!!

  11. Decadent and light! I love it!

  12. whoohoo, i'm so glad you joined the #cakelove bloghop :).

  13. hi, just saw your link in junia's blog and came over. I like the dark choc powder that you used here, it really makes the brownies stand out, at first i thought those almonds are bananas until i read the recipe. Have a nice week!


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