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Selam everybody........ Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

Hope this post meets you in happy and healthy condition. In this crisp of breezy fall most of us especially kids easily get sick. Just keep warm and take a lot of vitamins.

Just what happen to my kid recently. So she must stayed at home for few days, didn't go to school nor anywhere... poor my little girl 😢

My kid easily get bore.. so during her stay in house I was thinking to make her a little "busy" and "occupied" without disturbing her rest time too much. 
I made her homemade play dough to play and stay away a bit from tablet/ phone.
We also baked her favorite Sausage bread roll together 😊
And I made her special and new thing for her..... Spinach noodle !

My kid enjoy both Turkish food or Indonesian food. So she already familiar with noodle. She even love it, especially fried noodle.
So when I made her this green color noodle, her expression was so priceless 😍.
She was so amazed by the color of her noodle. " This is my first time seeing green noodle Mummy!"- she said to me 😊
"Of course there are always first time for you dear"- I smile 😊

--And my princess, you will find many things which first time for you in your life. Just come to mummy and ask anything that left you clueless........... 💚--

The main reason I make this spinach noodle is my mission to sneak many vegetables as much as I can into her food. Some moms out there could be so lucky with kids who want to eat their veggies. But mom like me still struggling (and fighting) to push my kid to eat her greens.

Another reason I didn't make any homemade egg noodle for so long. The condition a bit different from the first time I got here in Türkey 11 years ago. That time I couldn't find any noodle at all-off line. There was an on-line Asian store with an unreasonable price 11 years ago. So that time I 'd prefer to made egg noodle as much as I can.

But then years go by.. some supermarkets in my town started selling famous Indonesian brand noodle. So I don't remember when exactly I stopped making homemade noodle 😊
But you can check my old post homemade egg noodle here and here.

So..here I am again..maybe ready for my adventure to make homemade noodle 😃
And my 1st noodle adventure is this spinach egg noodle. Do you see that vibrant green color here? The spinach gives beautiful and fresh- delicious looking color. I got the chewy texture as well which I was looking for.

Important note:
The dough texture after you mix all ingredients should be hard, dry-look a like, but it should have all the flour come together, that's the right texture to get chewy noodle.
The "kneading" process will be at rolling stage using rolling pin or pasta machine would be very helpful.

By: Çitra's Home Diary

Make 5-6 portion
🥗 100 grams of spinach leaves only
🥗  3-4 tablespoons of water (plus if needed)
🥗  2 eggs
🥗  ¾ tablespoon of salt
🥗  ½ teaspoon baking soda
🥗  500-550 gr All purpose flour
🥗  tapioca or corn starch to taste for sprinkling


1. Blend the spinach and water until it's completely smooth. Weigh the spinach puree and eggs to a total of 250 gr. You may add water or egg white.

2. Put it in a large bowl, add flour, baking soda, and salt. Knead until all ingredients are well blended. Press hard until there is no flour that hasn't clotted. The dough does look hard and is rather dry but don't add more water.

3. Keep kneading by press hard the dough-use your strength 😊, it doesn't need to be smooth, just all the flour has clotted. Wrap tightly in plastic wrap to prevent it from drying out. Then rest in the refrigerator for about 1 hour.

4. Take the dough then cut into 4 parts. Do one part at a time (wrap tightly the other part), using a rolling pin or run over pasta machine (very much help) start to "knead". 
Start from the thickest, roll it in several times. Initially, the dough will look rough, roll and fold neatly again and again until the sheets look smooth. See my picture above, (A) to (B).
This "kneading" step is important for making chewy and elastic noodles. Sprinkle generously with tapioca or corn starch during the rolling  "kneading" process.

Do the same method to other parts until finish, wrap the noodle dough again in plastic wrap and rest for another 30 minutes.

5. Take 1 sheet, roll again several times. Sprinkle with tapioca or corn starch during the rolling process. At this stage, the noodle dough will be flexible and easier to handle. Roll to desired thickness.

Then cut the dough into noodle shape. I use a small noodle cutting machine. Sprinkle tapioca/ cornstarch thinly. Roll the finished noodles according to the desired portion. Let stand to aerated for few minutes before storing it in airtight zip-lock plastic.

How to cook the noodle:

Boil water in a big pot (about 2 lt) with 3-4 Tbsp oil. After the water is boiling add in some portion noodle as you need. Let it cook for only a couple minutes, DO NOT too long. Once you see noodles start to floating, drain immediately, and wash over running water.
You now have ready noodles to cook.
Place the cooked noodle in a big bowl, sprinkle with vegetable oil, and roughly toss them so all noodles coated by oil.
Keep in an airtight container and use it within 3 days.

Check my other recipe using this egg noodle at "Pasta and Noodle" category

Happy cooking.




Merhaba dari Türki semua 👋

Mau bikin caption sebenarnya untuk postingan mie bayam ini... tapi saya lagi gak enak body ya.... jadi sila langsung ke resep saja 😏
Ngobrol nya kapan-kapan lagi aja ya...
Disini sebenarnya udah masuk musim dingin tapi udara masih 25 celcius kalau siang, malam masih 5 deg celcius aja. Udara benar-benar tak nyaman... Entah kenapa...hujanpun tak kunjung turun.. mungkin ini yang bikin banyak virus dan kuman di udara.
Biasanya kalau salju udah turun..udara jadi bersssiiiihhhh sekali, segar.

Mudah-mudahan hawa kembali normal. Doa'akan juga ya saya sehat-sehat juga. Anak saya juga jadi ikutan sakit 😩

By: Çitra's Home Diary

Jadi 5-6porsi
🥗 100 gr bayam bagian daunnya saja
🥗 3-4 sdm air (plus jika diperlukan)
🥗 2 telur
🥗 ¾ sendok makan garam
🥗 ½ sdt baking soda
🥗 500-550 gr Terigu serba guna
🥗 tapioka atau pati jagung secukupnya untuk taburan

1. Blender bayam dan air sampai benar-benar halus. Timbang pure bayam dan telur sampai total 250 gr. Jika kurang bisa tambah air atau putih telur.

2. Taruh dalam mangkok besar, masukkan terigu, baking soda dan garam. Uleni hingga semua bahan tercampur rata. Tekan-tekan keras hingga tidak ada tepung yang belum bergumpal. Adonan memang terlihat keras dan agak kering tapi jangan tambah air lagi.

3. Uleni terus sambil ditekan-tekan kuat tidak perlu sampai kalis, cukup semua terigu sudah bergumpal. Bungkus rapat dengan plastik wrap agar tidak kering. lalu istirahatkan dalam lemari es kurleb 1 jam.

4. Ambil adonan mie lalu gilas hingga halus. saya gunakan mesin giling, mulai dari yang paling tebal. Lakukan dalam beberapa batch. Adonan awalnya akan terlihat kasar, gilas dan lipat rapi lagi berulang-ulang sampai lembarannya terlihat halus. İni penting untuk membuat mie kenyal dan kalis. Taburi tapioka atau pati jagung TİPİS-TİPİS SAJA selama proses menggilas.
Setelah semua adonan habis dan kalis/ halus, bungkus lagi lembaran adonan mie dengan plastik wrap dan istirahatkan kurleb 30 menit.

5. Ambil 1 lembar, gilas lagi beberapa kali. Taburi tapioka atau pati jagung TIPIS-TIPIS saja selama proses menggilas. Pada tahap ini adonan mie akan lentur dan mudah dibentuk tapi tidak mudah patah. Gilas sampai ketebalan yang diinginkan. 
Lalu potong lembaran adonan sesuai selera. Saya gunakan mesin pemotong mie yang kecil. Taburi tapioka/ starch tipis-tipis. Gulung mie yang sudah jadi sesuai porsi yang diinginkan. Diamkan sambil diangin-anginkan beberapa lama sebelum disimpan dalam plastik ziplock kedap udara.

Cara memasak mie:

Rebus air yang cukup banyak, tambahkan 3-4 sdm minyak. Setelah air mendidih masukkan mie sesuai porsi yang diinginkan. Biarkan sampai mengapung, urai-urai mie dengan garpu/ sumpit lalu segera saring, jangan terlalu lama dalam air mendidih CUKUP SAMPAI MENGAPUNG SAJA. 
Cuci dengan air mengalir. 
Mie siap digunakan.
Selamat mencoba. Semoga bermanfaat.



  1. These spinach noodles look and sound absolutely delicious! I know what you mean, it can be so hard to get kids to eat their vegetables. Mine little ones are super picky about everything. This is a great way to get them to try something healthy.

    1. Thank you Michelle. It's one way sneaking greens into kid's food :)


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