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Çılbır or Poached egg with garlic yogurt sauce

Çılbır is a Turkish dish of poached eggs with garlic yogurt sauce. It is also common to have the dish topped with red chili flake (red paprika can be substituted), melted butter. A simple and healthy meal to make.

 To make this simple and healthy dish you will need:
- Several egg (as much as you need)
One by one break egg carefully in boiling water over medium heat about 7 until 10 minutes. Strain and drain carefully.
Meanwhile prepare the yogurt sauce. You will need some cloves of garlic, crush them with pestle and mortar (but I grated them). Mix garlic with plain yogurt, add pinch of salt and VERY small amount of water. Stir well to combine. Now you have 'Sarımsağı yoghurt' or garlic yogurt sauce. 
You can also see my recipe here  for garlic yogurt sauce. This sauce you can use for dipping or topping sauce of some Turkish meal for example: Grape leaves dolma or Yaprak Sarması

For red sauce topping prepare about 100 gr margarine mix with 1/4 cup olive oil. Heat on small sauce pan over medium heat. Add about 1 table spoon homemade tomato pasta, make quick stir and remove from heat.
How to serve:
Place the poached on serving plate, pour with garlic yogurt and red sauce. Sprinkle with red chili flake on top. Serve immediately while it's warm. 



  1. I love 'çılbır!' :)
    Great looking..

  2. Such a beautiful and elegant breakfast treat. Love the fluffy poached egg, nestled in the creamy and delicious yogurt sauce.
    Also love your pretty tomato rose in the background!
    BTW-I fixed the mistake, sorry about that. Also left comment after your posting. What was I thinking?!

  3. Hello, congratulations with your experience in the Turkish cuisine. I am really amazed. Happy to come across your blog. Best wishes.

  4. @Mimosa Café Teşekkurler. Thx for visiting my blog, and I also enjoy your beautiful Page.. Nice to know U ^_^

  5. @Elisabeth Hi Liz.. no Prob at all abt the wrong typing..hehehhe... and thx for the compliment ^_^

  6. I think that looks great!

  7. @Cafe Pepela Hello.. long time didn't hear from U.. Nasilsin?

  8. This is so impressive wow Congrats on this delicious breakfast fit for a King!

  9. Oh wow, I would love to eat that for breakfast! I adore poached eggs and you've included yogurt, too! Beautiful!

  10. Colorful, beautiful dish... I always enjoy stopping by here for the ideas and the visuals! Thank you again for the Sunshine Award. Take a look at the post! http://bit.ly/i5cUlV

  11. I like yougurt garlic sauce :) and pictures look very nice :)


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