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Say it with BLACK FOREST

Happy Valentine Day Everyone. Hope you and Family will joy and fill with love everyday along these years.

My husband is not a romantic person. Sometimes just for my birthday, other family member must remind him to bring something for me. Also for Valentine's Day. It's the weekend and he took me Somewhere else not to farmer markets for weekend shopping as usual .. I think there will be a surprise for me .. Maybe he would take me to nice restaurant with surprise romantic dinner,but I was wrong. He brought me indeed-not to farmer market- but to other shopping places which has many discount season!  hahahahaha ....
When I ask why there is no "something" for valentine day, 
he said "for what? I said 'I love you' Everyday. I kiss you more than 3 or 4 times per day.  Isn't it a day of love for you?"

Well .. I have nothing to say against it .. I just made this Black Forrest for him to show That I Love him too ... @(^_^)@

For the cake base:
- 8 eggs
- 1 cup caster sugar
- 2 tsp vanillia powder-This kind of vanilla I can find here
- ¾ cup flour
- 2 tablespoons cornstarch
- ½ cup cocoa powder (plus some for spread baking pan)
- 125 gr margarine. Melt (plus to spread baking pan)

For the filling
- Can cherries (about 400 gr)
- Butter cream or whipped cream
- Rum  - I did not use.

For the garnishes and toppings
- Dark cooking chocolate
- Whipped cream
- Drop/ granules Dark chocolate
* Or, according to your taste and improvisation

Make cake base:
1) Grease a baking pan 7 " size with margarine/ butter and sprinkle with cocoa powder.Set aside. Sift together: flour, cornstarch, cocoa powder and powdered vanillia. Set aside.
2) preheat oven to 190 deg C. In a large bowl, beat eggs and sugar until fluffy, pale and thick. Fold in the flour mixture gradually. Fold in melted butter into it. Mix until well blended
3) Pour into baking pan and bake for about 45 minutes. Check with a skewer inserted in the cake comes out clean.
4) Let the cake cool before it is cut horizontally into 3 parts. 

Recognize your oven condition. Different size and condition gives different heat result.

Take the first piece of cake, wet with cherry water. Then spread butter cream evenly.Arrange the cherry fruit. Cover with second piece of cake. Do the same thing as before. And stacking the last piece of cake, wet with cherry water and cover the entire surface of cake with whipped cream and decorated according to taste with cherry and chocolate.

Store in refrigerator before cut and served.



  1. Hey! Love the new look! That cake is fabulous! Btw, my husband's the same. He says everyday should be Valentine's day so Feb 14th shouldn't be special. What can I say? :P

  2. Hi Ping :) Glad U like this new looks.. I try to make it beter and better. :D

  3. It's one of my favourite (or maybe most favourite) cakes :) Look really really good

  4. Such a gorgeous cake...decorated to perfection!!! So sweet that every day is Valentine's Day at your house :)

  5. Now that's enough for any partner to sit up and pay more attention to Valentine's Day. Your cake is stunning!

  6. Thanks for the facebook "like"!!

    I love, love, love Black Forest Cake!

    Sorry but all the links on my website seem to be working.

    Where did you find difficulty with the website?

    Hope you have a great day!

  7. Definitely love the new look of the site! That cake looks amazing and it's great that your husband shows his love every day instead of just Valentine's Day =)

  8. Black forest cake is sooo good and yours looks amazing! I love all the detail - it looks ready for a store front display. Great job!

  9. Hi Citra-When I clicked on to your blog, I thought I was on the wrong blog. You totally vamped it up. I love the new sparkling clean look. So different. Love the entire lay-out and the photo gallery, as well.
    Such a "labor of love", and truly work of art you did with you Valentine's cake.
    With a cake as gorgeous as this, you can entice us all to celebrate Valentine every day!

  10. Love the new look and the cake is just wonderful, full of love and affection! Is it a pomegrante preserve in the heart? Thank you for sharing and wishing you many years full of love to come!!!

  11. Well isn't this just the picture of love in cake form!? I love black forest cake.. sounds delicious :) Well done!

  12. Wow this looks incredible. Black forest is one of my favorite cakes and this makes me long for it.

  13. Happy Valentine's Day :) your cake look pretty.

  14. That looks really good! Black Forest cake is my mother's favourite, but I've only ever had the grocery store version. Maybe I should try and make this one for Mother's Day!

  15. Guys are just not as romantic as girls, but saying I love you everyday does count. Your cake looks amazing and beautiful! Thanks for participating in the YBR and sorry it took me so long to stop by.


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