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Triangle Fried Sausage Pastry

Crispy and tasty savory pastry is always my favorite. Always suit with my brunch tea or evening coffee. Or any gathering occasion with family and friends. And this fried sausage pastry is now becoming favorite among my friends, neighbors and family. They just love it with hot Turkish tea when they visit. @(^_^)@ 

 I shape this fried pastry with triangle shape, seems pretty and I love it. But if you want to make roll or other shape, it's oke too actually, but triangle shape is just suitable cute for this pastry d(^_^)b
Ingredients and how to make:
- a few sheets of fillo dough. Cut lengthwise about 4 fingers width and 15~20 cm length.
- 250 gr sausage (I use mix beef and chicken sausage). cut into small cubes.
- 2 large green pepper (paprika). Seeded and cut into small cubes.
- 1 large size tomato. Cut into small cubes.
- 2 large size onions. Cut into small cubes.
- 2 ~ 3 cloves garlic. finely grated.
- 4 ~ 5 tablespoons olive oil
- a little salt and pepper to taste.
- Enough Cooking oil for frying.

Mix all filling ingredients (except oil for frying and fillo dough). Put filling mixture onto one edge of fillo dough and fold over to form triangles shape (or shape according to your taste).--See illustration picture I made

 Fry in hot oil over medium heat until golden redness.
Enjoy while it's warm. With pickles and bottled chili sauce plus a cup of hot tea will be more perfect!



  1. Wow, I bet these are fabulous! Thanks for sharing~

  2. We call these Sambusek and I usually filled them with spicy ground beef and lamb mixture and pine nuts! Dipped with tzatziki sauce or just plain yogurt are the most delicious snack ever!!!! Thank you for sharing :)

  3. @Mateja ^_^ Wow, really.. I'll search your sambusek recipe in your page and I'd like to try it also ^_^

  4. I never posted sambusek on my blog, but I learned the recipe from my mother-in-law while living in Jordan! There you can buy sumbusek in any street restaurant and is always served as an appetizer on weddings and all other occasions:)

  5. Oh definitely one of my faves! Wow... you did a beautiful job with those triangles!

  6. Doesnt that just sound yummy! Your pastries look great!

  7. Your blog is one of the most dangerous places for me to visit because I end up wanting to make everything I see here! This is no exception. It's already on the list. Thanks for another beautiful dish!

  8. @The Mom Chef Hahahaha... I take it as compliment.
    And Hey! I like your new logo.. I wanna make one too! ^_^


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