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Black Nastar / Brown Pineapple bite for IdFB Challenge#16 Cookies

I llooovveeee making cookies...any cookies. Love to make them as much as I eat them. My family love it too. You know, in Turkey people very much love drinking tea. Anytime, any where, any occasion. Hot weather or cold weather Turkish people enjoy their tea so much. 

That tea time tradition I can not avoid in our home :). Usually we drink tea together after dinner. For me, drinking tea without any snack along with it, is like going to market without money.....hahahahahha..it just can not be! Back when I was in my homeland Indonesia, I always have traditional snack along with my morning tea as breakfast. Or some cookies in my afternoon coffee :)

So, when you are visiting our house..don't worry..we always have a jar (or two) of cookies. And those jar won't be empty (almost every time) because we love our tea with cookies along with it :)

Well, today I'll share one of my family fave ... Dark pineapple tart ( I call it black Nastar) cookies. Believe me..it's so good and almost too pretty to eat :)

This post also goes to Indonesian Food Blogger Challenge#16 Kue Kering Cookies
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So let's jump to the recipe:
(Make about 1000 gr cookies)

Ingredients A:
- 175 gr of good quality of butter, room temperature
- 75 gr margarine, room temperature
- 3 egg yolks from medium size eggs, room temperature
- 120 gr powdered sugar, sifted
- 325 gr all purpose flour, sifted
- 20 gr cornstarch, sifted
- 25 gr milk powder
- 50 gr dark cocoa powder (dutch process), sifted
- few drop black forest essence (optional)
Ingredients B (white nastar for flower):
- 125 gr room temperature butter
- 1 egg yolk (large size)
- 50 gr powdered sugar
- 175 gr all purpose flour
- 10 gr cornstarch
- 20 gr milk powder

Ingredients C (pineapple jam filling homemade):
- 2 large pineapple, finely grated
- 200 gr sugar (need more if you have sour pineapple)
- 1 (10 cm) cinnamon stick
- 2~3 pcs cloves
- pinch of salt

Put all jam ingredients in medium pan, cook over medium heat until thick. Let it completely cool and round it as big as marble shape. Set a side.

See this link to make pineapple jam filling.

How to:

Beat butter and margarine until smooth. Beat in powdered sugar until well blended and creamy. Add the egg yolks one at a time. Beat well each addition.Beat in blackforest essence (if using).

Sift in the flour, cocoa and milk powder, mix to combine with spatula/ wooden spoon. Take the dough a little bigger than pineapple filling, flat it then fill with the jam, shape it round and arrange on baking tray laid with baking paper/ baking mat. Set a side.

Make White Nastar for the flower. Do same method as black one above. But instead of shape them in round ball, put the dough on plastic sheet/ baking paper, lay another plastic sheet/ baking paper on to it then roll with rolling pin about 2~3 mm thin. Using fondant plunger flower shape.
Pre heat oven at 150 C. Attach the white flower dough to black one-brush thinly the surface with egg white to attach the flower with the round black nastar. Bake them around 30~40 mnt until flower dough golden and crispy.


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