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Susamlı Gevrek Toplar (Sesame balls cookies)

If "plan A" didn't work... don't worry, there are still 25 more letters in alphabet  (^,^)

Selam Everybody...Merhaba from Turkey....

Talking about alphabet... in Turkçe (Turkish language) we have 29 letters seven of which are (Ç, Ğ, I, İ, Ö, Ş, and Ü) but letters W, Q and X (replace by V, K and KS) do not occur in Turkish alphabet.

So Turkish has more than 26 other plans if "plan A" failed (^,^)
It was just an intermezzo from me.... the point is we should not give up on things we want to reach because - like other proverb says - many ways to go to Rome... right?

Well.... those are nothing to do with my recipe I'm going to share today because making this crunchy sesame balls you don't have to make plan A or B or C .... this snack is simple as it looks yet best companion for your tea or coffee time.

It's simple and quick to make so this is absolutely your choice when you have an unexpected guest come by.
This recipe I took from iyiyemeginsirri.blogcu.com with minor adjustments.
Make about 900 gr

· 250 gr margarine →I use unsalted butter
· 1 egg white
 I use 70 gr from about 2 egg
· 1 turkish tea glass of yogurt→I use 150 gr
· 1 packet baking powder→ 10 gr
· 2 tsp salt 
· 1 tsp sugar → original didn't use it
· 4 cup of flour → I use 550 gr

For sprinkle:
· 1 Tbsp molasses → I use 2 Tbsp grape molasses (replace with honey if you can't access this molasses)
· 1 cup water → I use only half cup/ 125 ml
· 1 bowl sesame seeds → I mix black and white sesame seeds about 2 cups


In mixing bowl, combine together; butter/ margarine, egg white, yoghurt, salt + sugar and baking powder. With spatula or or hand mix them together just combined.

Slowly mix in flour while kneading with your hand until you get unsticky dough. Pre-heat oven at 170~180°C. Line 2 cookie tray with parchment paper.

Pinch the dough 
smaller than walnut and shape them round (slightly oval) , dip the ball into water+molasses then roll into sesame seed. Arrange them into prepared tray. Do same thing to the rest of dough until finish.

Bake them about 25~30 minutes until golden brown. Remove from oven and let them to room temperature before store them in cookie jar. If you want more crunchy, turn off oven and let them cool down inside oven.

Note: I bake my sesame balls in 150°C (fan force) about 30 minutes and I got more crunchy balls.

Afiyet Olsun...enjoy.

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