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Blood Orange Ogura Cake

Resep dalam bhs Indonesia ada di bagian bawah

Selam everybody...Merhaba from Turkey...

In some Asian blogger fellows I saw many posts about ogura cake. Did you hear about Ogura cake? 
Ogura cake, aka 相思蛋糕 / Xiāngsī dàngāo . No official sources why this cake name Ogura (Japanese language). Is it coming from Japan or invented in Japan or whatsoever.

It's just this cake become very popular among Asian baker and Asian cake lover. The texture incredibly cotton soft, light, smooth texture. Rich in flavor yet light in sweetness.

The method for making this cake same as making chiffon cake using separated yolks and egg white method. The only tiny different is using additional 1 whole egg into yolk batter. The rest are exactly same as chiffon including invert the cake during cooling time. For this ogura you may use any pan you like, round or square or even tube pan.

This is my first attempt baking ogura cake, so still need some more improvement and adjustment in method. Because for me, making ogure cake should be precise in scale, correct meringue whisking, correct combining meringue with yolk batter and correct oven temperature. Then we can get perfect sexy (what? ^,^), tall, not shrinking and yummy ogura cake. 
To reach nice and tall and not shrink cake you should really become best friend with your oven, knowing it better to get correct heat for this cake.
Look at the inside of this ogura cake..cloud and cotton soft with smooth crumb.
Sounds scare you? hohohoo.....
Well, it made me nervous indeed! With all my limitation (I'm talking about baking pan), I dare my self to bake this delicate ogura cake. I don't have NON non stick pan which the most suitable for this recipe, so I use my removable non stick pan but I left it ungreased.

And as chiffon cake, you can vary the flavor for this ogura cake widely. Start from vanilla, banana, pumpkin, charcoal powder, green tea and more!
And for my very first attempt I made this blood orange ogura. The recipe I copy from aunty young's blog here, Orange Ogura Cake. 

If you want to try this recipe, you can check my additional note that might help you baking ogura cake. So here you go....

Orange Ogura Cake
adapted from Aunty Young with minor changes
rebake by: Citra

Ingredients I:
  • 100 gr egg yolks (from 4 large + 1 medium eggs)
  • 1 whole large egg
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • orange color (optional, original recipe didn't use it-I use it for marble effect only)
  • 60 gr corn oil (I use canola oil)
  • 80 gr orange juice ( I use 2 medium blood oranges)
  • 75 gr superfine flour ( I use 75 gr AP flour + 20 gr cornstarch)
Ingredients II
  • 200 gr egg whites (from about 4 large + 1 medium egg)
  • 80 gr sugar (I use castor sugar)
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
Blood Orange

Before you start anything, prepare your 7" round pan, line bottom side with parchment paper. Here I use my heart shape removable bottom and non stick pan, slightly bigger than 7", next time I'll stick at 7" pan to get taller cake, probably NON nonstick one.
Wrap out side pan with double aluminium foil to prevent water leak inside the pan, yup we are gonna bake in water bath! . And prepare another slightly bigger than your baking pan for water bath later.
Preheat oven at 160°C (no fan) and set rack at lower part, boil enough water for water bath.

Mix all ingredients I (except flour), whisk until fluffy. Sift in flour and whisk to combine (figure 1 and 2). Set a side.

In other big clean bowl, whisk egg white and lemon juice until foamy. Once it start foamy, gradually add sugar in 3 batches. Continue to whisk until it shiny and stiff peak (figure 3 and 4).
Fold meringue into yolk batter in 3 batches. Take ⅓ meringue into yolk mixture, using balloon whisker mix to combine. Do to another ⅓ part, mix each addition to well blended. At last addition I changed my whisk to rubber spatula, fold and scrape down side to combine.

And this is optional, remove about 1 tbsp batter to small bowl, add orange color and mix thoroughly. You can skip this step if you don't use orange color for marble.

Pour batter into prepare pan, dollop some orange batter on top of white batter then make swirl to make marble pattern. Rap lightly the pan over the counter to remove big bubbles.

Pour hot water on bigger pan-just about 2 cm high. Bake in water bath at 160°C for about 60 minutes or until skewer insert in middle of cake comes out clean.

Remove from oven then immediately invert the pan on cooling rack to cool before unmold.

Note: you need to recognize your own oven condition to adjust temperature.

Note for my self:
Next time I will use  7" square or round baking pan, probably NON non-stick pan. Line the bottom with parchment paper, grease the side with cooking oil and lightly floured.
Baking temperature I'll do 150°C for better golden surface.

cake should be taller if I use 7" pan

Orange Ogura Cake
Adaptasi dari Aunty Young with minor changes
rebake by: Citra

Bahan I:
  • 100 gr kuning telur ( 4 ukuran besar + 1 medium )
  • 1 telur utuh
  • ¼ sdt garam
  • warna oranye (optional)
  • 60 gr minyak jagung (saya gunakan canola oil)
  • 80 gr orange juice ( saya gunakan 2 medium blood oranges)
  • 75 gr superfine flour ( saya gunakan 75 gr trigu serba guna + 20 gr pati jagung)
Bahan II:
  • 200 gr putih telur (dari sekitar  4 telur besar + 1 medium )
  • 80 gr gula (saya gunakan gula kastor/ butir halus)
  • 1 sdt juice lemon
the cake was so soft and cotton light in texture


Siapkan baking pan 7" (18cm), alasi bagian bawah dengan kertas roti. Disini saya gunakan cetakan bentuk hati yang ukurannya sedikit lebih besar, jadi cake saya tidak tinggi.

Bungkus bagian luarnya dengan aluminium foil (didobel) agar nanti pada proses baking water bath, air tidak meresap ke dalam loyang cake. Siapkan juga satu loyang lain yang sedikit lebih lebar dari loyang baking untuk tempat water bath. Lihat ilustrasi dibawah ya...

Panaskan oven pada suhu 160°C (tanpa kipas) rak dibagian bawah. Panaskan air secukupnya untuk water bath nanti.

Campur semua bahan I kecuali tepung, kocok hingga pucat. Lalu campur sambil diayak tepung kedalam kocokan telur, lalu aduk rata hingga halus. Sisihkan. (lihat ilustrasi 1 and 2). 

Dalam tempat lain yang bersih, kocok putih telur dan lemon juice hingga berbusa. Lalu masukkan gula secara bertahap sambil tetap dikocok hingga stiff peak (figure 3 and 4).
Campurkan meringue/ putih telur ke campuran kuning telur dalam 3 tahap. Aduk balik tiap penambahan agar tercampur rata. Pada penambahan pertama dan kedua, saya gunakan balloon whisk untuk memudahkan pencampuran. Lalu pada penambahan terakhir saya gunakan spatula dan aduk balik hingga tercampur sempurna.

Lalu ambil sekitar 1 sdm adonan, taruh di mangkok kecil. Campurkan pewarna oraye dan aduk rata. Proses ini optional dan bisa di skip.

Tuangkan adonan kedalam baking pan hingga habis, lalu beri adonan warna oranye di beberapa bagian atas dan bentuk marble dengan garpu/ pisau. Hati-hati hentakkan loyang ke meja untuk mengurangi big bubbles.

Tuang air panas ke loyang untuk water bath-kira-kira 2 cm saja tingginya. Dan panggang secara water bath suhu 160°C sekitar 60 menit atau sampai lidi keluar bersih ketika ditusukkan ke bagian tengah cake.

Keluarkan dari oven dan segera balikkan loyang diatas rak pendingin hingga dingin sebelum dilepas dari loyang.

Note: kenali kondisi oven masing-masing untuk mendapatkan pas yang sesuai.

Note for my self:
Next time I will use  7" square or round baking pan, probably NON non-stick pan. Line the bottom with parchment paper, grease the side with cooking oil and lightly floured.
Baking temperature I'll do 150°C for better golden surface.


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  1. I love citrus cakes, and this one looks amazing! The texture looks perfect!

    1. Thank you Laura... the texture is soft, you gonna love it if you try in your kitchen

  2. This looks like it baked so perfectly moist :D Loving orange around this time of year too!

    1. Thank you very much Chrisy..it's moist because baked on water bath method.

  3. This cake looks so light and moist. I'm sure it's delicious!

    1. you are right Joanie.. it's so lightly delicious cake..just like my fave

  4. i love blood oranges! this looks amazing, and a perfect amount of citrus vs sweetness!

  5. I crave citrus this time of year, and this beautiful yet simple cake will have to go on my list of citrus cakes!


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