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Dark Cocoa Panna Cotta Recipe

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Selam  Everybody... Merhaba from Turkiye...

For our weekend dessert I made this fabulous and delicious Dark Cocoa Panna Cotta. The recipe I took from Donna Hay's recipe with minor adjustment. Well, mostly I am a person who strict to the original recipe... but I think you'll agree with me that coffee is chocolate's best friend, right?

So, for my personal adjustment I skipped the vanilla and use coffee granule instead. The final result was superb! I can taste the coffee flavor infuse to the panna cotta nicely. Not strong though but soft enough to indulge your taste...believe me, you gonna love it!

Actually it's my second time making this dark cocoa panna cotta. At 1st making I used exactly like what recipe write without any adjustment/ change at all. I used vanilla essence instead of coffee in first trial. The taste was so great, I liked it though, may family liked it as well. But the texture slightly too soft for me, so for this second trial I add gelatin powder.

Original recipe calls for 3 tsp gelatin powder, I add 1 tsp today and it turns out very nice smooth texture. Exactly like what I prefer.

You should try this dark cocoa panna cotta in your kitchen. It's simple and quick to make-except cooling time to set. Simple and fresh, like Donna Hay's style of food she created ^,^
Yet the taste isn't simple as make it. Silky soft and very chocolaty- you never imagine this made from cocoa powder instead of cooking chocolate. 

And as I mentioned above, I twist it with coffee to enrich the chocolate flavor..try it too and tell me how you like it.

Sprinkle the gelatine powder over warm water in small bowl, let it sit for a while until gelatine absorbed the water and swell.
And for the panna cotta it self, mix all together dark (dutch) cocoa powder, sugar, coffee and cream over medium heat until boiling. Don't forget to stir it frequently to avoid any lump at bottom pan.

Once you notice bubbling on your mixture, gently stir in gelatine from previous prepared. Continuously stir until all gelatine dissolve. 
You will need very fine strainer-like cheese cloth for making tofu/ cheese. Strain your panna cotta mixture into a bowl then mix in the milk. Stir thoroughly before pouring your panna cotta into mold/ glassed.

As you can see my pictures here, I use tiny glass for serving sprinkle with generous shaved chocolate-my husband loves to sprinkle it more with finely chopped pistachio-hhmm...multiple yummy!
But of course as the recipe said, you can serve it in fluted pie mold then invert to plate for serving. It's absolutely your prefer.

Dark Cocoa Panna Cotta
Adapted from Donna Hay's recipe, with minor adjustment

Serve 6
  •  cup (80 ml) warm water 
  • 3 tsp powdered gelatine → I use 4 tsp
  • 2 cups (500 ml) single (pouring) cream 
  • 1½ cup (330 g) caster (superfine) sugar 
  • 2 tsp vanilla bean paste → I substitute with 3 tsp coffee
  • 1 cup (100 g) Dutch cocoa 
  • 1 cup (250 ml) milk
  • optional from me, shaved chocolate and ground pistachio

  1. Prepare 6 fluted tart tins (180 ml each)- İ use small glass.
  2. In small bowl place 80 ml water and sprinkle gelatine over it. Set aside until it absorb the water about 5 minutes.
  3. In medium sauce pan, put cream, sugar, cocoa and coffee, stir continuously over medium heat to combine. Bring to boil.
  4. Stir in gelatine and stir to combine. Remove from heat and run trough very fine strainer into a bowl.
  5. Stir through the milk and pour evenly into prepare tins/ molds. Refrigerate for 3~4 hours or until set. Turn out onto serving plates to serve.
For best results, make ahead of time and refrigerate overnight.
Tip: To turn the panna cottas out onto serving plates, invert the tin onto the plate and shake lightly to release the panna cotta.

Enjoy your dessert panna cotta with your family and friends.


Dark Cocoa Panna Cotta
Diadaptasi dari Donna Hay' recipe dengan sedikit adjustment

Untuk 6 porsi
  • 80 ml air hangat
  • 3 sdt gelatin bubuk→ Saya gunakan 4 sdt
  • 500 ml single cream/ cream tuang
  • 330 g gula kastor
  • 2 tsp pasta vanilla →Saya ganti dengan 3 sdt kopi granul
  • 100 g Dutch process bubuk kakao (bubuk kakao pekat)
  • 250 ml susu
  • Dark cooking cokelat untuk garnish (optional)→ resep asli tidak pakai

Cara membuat:
  1. Siapkan 6 buah cetakan pie (kapasitas 180 ml)--> saya gunakan gelas saji.
  2. Taruh 80 ml air hangat dalam mangkok kecil, masukkan gelatin bubuk dengan cara ditaburkan rata, aduk hingga tercampur rata.
  3. Panaskan cream, gula, bubuk kakao dan kopi diatas api sedang sambil diaduk-aduk hingga mendidih.
  4. Masukkan campuran gelatin sambil diaduk rata. Matikan api lalu saring dengan saringan yang halus.
  5. Segera campurkan susu dan aduk hingga rata. Tuang ke cetakan/ gelas yang sudah disiapkan. Dinginkan dalam lemari es 3~4 jam atau sampai benar-benar set.
  6. Jika menggunakan cetakan pie, balikkan panna cotta diatas piring sambil digoyangkan perlahan agar panna cotta terlepas dari cetakan.
Sajikan panna cotta ketika dingin. Taburkan cincangan cooking cokelat sebagai garnish.



  1. Hi Citra, This panna cotta looks so yummy and I love the simple decoration!

    1. Thank you Ann...I also adore all your works from your kitchen :)

  2. Saya malah belum pernah kesampaian bikin panna cotta Mba Citra.
    Rencana dari dulu mau bikin. Tapi apa daya, lama kelamaan malah lupa pengen buat sampai ada postingan ini.

    1. hihihi...pasti ketumpukan sama daftar "mau bikin" yang lain-lain ya mbk Rika? ^,^ Kalau di rumah, yang paling sering dibikin buat dessert ya yg semacam ini, suami suka banget.

  3. I love panna cotta. Your dark cocoa one sounds delicious.

  4. These look amazing, very rich!

  5. yum! just gorgeous, perfect for a special ocassion

    1. Agree with you Heather... it's worth for special occasion as well. thx

  6. This gorgeous dark chocolate color is calling my name!

  7. My husband would love this one. He's a big coffee guy. And nothing compliments chocolate quite like coffee. Great recipe.

    1. Thank you Kim Bee. Yep..you are right, coffee and orange zest (flavor) I think are chocolate's best friend ^,^

  8. Salam kenal, Mbak :)

    Waaah, ini mah harus masuk daftar panjang yang harus dibikin. Hihii. Menggoda sekali :)

    Mau tanya, Mbak. Penambahan gelatine malah bikin smooth ya, bukan kenyal?

    Thanks :)

    1. Salam kenal jg mbk Dyah... makasih sdh kunjung-kunjung kemari ya. Benar mbak Dyah bilang saya nambahin gelatin lagi utk menambah kekentalan tekture sebab sebelumya saya bikin dengan 3 sdt gelatin, masih terlalu encer buat kami. "Smooth" maksudnya pas disendok itu teksturnya jd halus, bagus, enak makannya,gitu ^,^


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