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Homemade Chicken Nuggets. KID'S FAVORITE!

Resep dalam Bhs İndonesia ada di Bagian bawah.

Selam every one...Merhaba from Turkey.

Are you "facebookholic"? ... Sorry for my term. I mean do you often read the news story on  front wall shared by your facebook friends and all of sudden you find your self on somewhere inside cyberspace....It is fun, but sometimes we forgot how long we've been there ... oh..no..no..no..If already at that stage where we forget the time ... stop it. Off-connect and re-connect with the real world.

A few days ago, I accidentally read a news feed Shared by a friend on FB about dangers of preservatives in food-which is impossible may not be used in the fast food industry or frozen food. yeahhh... of course in their advertisement they will not mentioned or even denied it.. Do you believe that?

Imagine if (even) small amount of substance x we ​​consumed continuously year after year ... Imagine also if our young children began to consume it at their early age.....

To be frankly, before marriage and life as a single, away from my family, ready meals and frozen nearly my every day menu. At that time, of course I am aware of the dangers of the materials x, y, z which might be in these foods, not to mention the quality of the ingredients used, whether fresh or good condition and so on. What to do, I live alone, cooking was a big effort for me ... maybe you understand what I mean.

But after getting married ... I changed completely. Not only health reasons I mentioned above, also is more economical, and there's "romantic bonding" when my husband and I ate my cooking or his cooking ...or sometimes we cook together at the weekend ... And when my child comes in our life, giving her the best in all things is our obsession-including her meals.

Anywwaaaayyy.... with homemade meal, you can control the ingredients you use.. quality and price... And heyy.. homemade is cheaper!

My today's post  is homemade Chicken nuggets. I mix vegetables too in this chicken nuggets...you know I always try to "hide" vegetables in my kid's meal as much as I can...
You should try this also to add new lunch box idea or just for kid's snacking time... ^,^

Yield about 700 gr
  • 300 gr skinless, boneless chicken breast, finely minced
  • 150 gr shredded carrot (*)
  • 90 gr stale bread (white part only)
  • 90 ml milk
  • 1 medium egg
  • 4 garlic, finely crushed
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 Tbsp cornstarch
(*) you can mix with green peas as well or use other vegetables
for coating:
  • 2 large egg, beat with 6 Tbsp water/ milk
  • bread crumb/ panko 
How to make:
  1. Mix bread and milk and small bowl, make sure all bread wet by milk. In food processor, put all ingredients and blend well. Check the taste... you might need more salt or pepper.
  2. Heat water in big pot for steamer. Brush a narrow pan with oil/ margarine. Pour chicken mixture into it then steam for about 45 minute. Add more time to steam if you find your inserted skewer still wet with the dough.
  3. Remove from mold and  let it cool, then cut as your liking. Here I use cookie cutter for funny shape..my kid loves it so much! ^,^
  4. Finishing: Put panko/ bread crumb in a platter. Dip nugget in egg wash and coat them well with bread crumb. Fry in enough oil until golden brown.

Make a head tips: 
After you coat with bread crumb, keep in airtight container and freeze. Anytime you want, you just need to bring them in room temperature before fry them.


  • 300 gr daging ayam cincang
  • 100~150 gr wortel parut halus (bisa dicampur dengan kacang kapri hijau)
  • 90 gr roti tawar, campur dengan 90 ml susu cair
  • 1 telur uk. sedang
  • 4 bwng putih, haluskan.
  • bubuk merica dan garam secukupnya 
  • 2 sdm maizena
untuk coating:
  • 2 telur ukuran besar, dikocok dengan kurleb 6 sdm air/ susu (campuran ini disebut eggwash)
  • tepung panir/ panko

Cara membuat:
  1. Campur roti tawar dengan susu cair dalam mangkuk kecil, pastikan roti seluruhnya lembab oleh susu. Taruh semua bahan dalam food processor dan proses hingga halus dan tercampur rata. Koreksi rasanya jika perlu garam atau lada.
  2. Siapkan kukusan. Olesi loyang / wadah untuk mengukus nugget dengan minyak. Masukkan adonan nugget dari food processor ke dalam loyang  dan kukus kurleb 45 menit atau sampai lidi tidak lengket ketika ditusukkan ke bagian tengah nugget.  
  3. Setelah matang, dinginkan hingga suhu ruang lalu keluarkan dari loyang. Nugget bisa dipotong sesuai selera atau dicetak karakter kesukaan anak-anak.
  4. Penyelesaian: Siapkan tepung roti/ panko dalam senuah piring lebar. Celupkan nugget dalam kocokan telur lalu gulingkan dalam panko. Goreng hingga keemasan dengan minyak banyak.
Selamat mencoba. Semoga bermanfaat.



  1. My boys are much older now and will eat regular chicken breasts but I can't tell you how many of those blasted bags of dinosaur nuggets I bought over the years. Tyson should be paying me! This is a great recipe, especially for us moms out there who get through the day on chicken nuggets! I have eaten my share too!

    1. ^,^ .. haha.. yup Jennifer, this recipe helps me saving MUCH! And my 1st idea is make her eat her vegetables ^,^ Maybe I still regularly making this until few years a head.. :)

  2. I love the carrots in the recipe, that is brilliant! Kids will never know you've snuck them in!

    1. thank you Debra... yes indeed, I always try to sneaking vegetables in my kid's meal :)

  3. We love homemade chicken nuggets, too, and your version looks fantastic. I love how you made them into such cute shapes, too!

    1. Thank you Alisa, hope you can try my version for your family ^,^

  4. These look amazing! I never thought about sneaking in carrots! What a great idea!!

    1. I have a kid who difficult eating her vegetables so I try to sneak any vegetable I could in our meal without she realize it ^,^ thx you Kaitie

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    have a nice weekend :)

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  6. Aku suka juga resep 'homemade nugget' ini, Citra.. Mo nyoba bikin untuk anak2. Thanks yaa.

    1. Sudah nyoba bikiiiin! Dan hasilnya enak banget. Anak-anak juga suka. Terima kasih banyak atas resepnya, Citraaa.. :) Yang pasti aku ga perlu beli-beli nugget lagi, karena sudah bisa bikin sendiri. Sekarang mau nyoba Sup Krim Wortelnya ;)

    2. Yaayyy..akhirnya bikin! ^,^ makasih Rania


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