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Lahmacun tarifi / Turkish pizza lahmajoun recipe

Selam everybody... Merhaba from Turkey.

LAHMACUN is an item of prepared food originating in the early Turkish cuisine of the Levant, consisting of a round, thin soft piece of dough topped with spicy minced meat (commonly beef and lamb). 
Lahmacun is often served sprinkled with lemon juice and wrapped around vegetables, including pickles, tomatoes, peppers, onions, lettuce, and parsley, cabbage salad or cilantro; a typical variants may be found as wraps for kebab meat or sauces.

It believed originate from South East of Turkey. The main ingredients are ground meat (beef/ lamb/ mutton), tomatoes, paprika, onion, salça and oil. Salça is thick tomato pasta (mostly homemade product) and prepared just before winter come when the tomato season in peak here in Turkey.
There are two kind of salça; damates salça (tomato paste) and biber salça (chili paste mostly made of capia peppers)

But the recipe might be vary from each regions. And what I want to share today is how commonly people in Bursa make it although some family from other region using a bit different. But still we all use same main ingredients as I mentioned above.

There are two process making this lahmacun, the dough and meat topping. After the dough double in volume, divide the dough into 10 to 15 equal parts. If you want smaller diameter lahmacun divide it into 15. Then roll each part of the dough very thin, verry thin! Then spread evenly with ground meat topping.

Resep Tongseng tanpa santan / Indonesian beef (or mutton) stew

Resep dalam Bhs Indonesia ada di bagian bawah.

Selam Everybody.....Merhaba from Turkey.

Tongseng is goat meat, mutton or beef stew dish in curry-like soup with cabbage and kecap manis (sweet soy sauce). Tongseng is commonly found in Indonesian region of Central Java; from Surakarta to Yogyakarta. However, it is believed that dish was originated from Klego district in Boyolali, Central Java. Traditionally, tongseng is considered as the merge between satay and gulai

The soup of tongseng is similar to gulai soup, however gulai is cooked without sweet soy sauce while tongseng mostly appears in brownish gold colour because of the addition of sweet soy sauce. Gulai usually uses beef's offal while tongseng usually only uses meat (goat, mutton or beef).

Today, tongseng is a common dish in Javanese cities of Boyolali, Surakarta (Solo), Klaten, and Yogyakarta, thus most of tongseng sellers hailed from those towns. The dish is also can be found in Indonesian major cities, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang and Surabaya. Tongseng sellers usually marketed themselves as Warung Sate Solo, a warung or small modest restaurant that specialized in offering satay, tongseng and gulai as their main fare.

Matcha Marble Japanese Cheesecake Recipe

Resep dalam bhs Indonesia ada di bagian bawah

Selam everybody.... Merhaba from Turkey.

Cheesecake is the most repeatable cake I bake in these 6 years. Since I baked first time for my husband at early year our marriage, he fell in love with it. I'm big fan of cheesecake, especially cotton soft one like this Japanese style cheesecake.

Different from New York style, this cheesecake has very light cottony texture. The topping and can be vary start from lemon curd until your favorite jam. Please do check my other cheesecake posts to see the variation here.

And my post today is Japanese cotton light cheesecake with matcha (green tea) marble. The recipe I adapted from Diana Dessert's with minor adjustment using matcha marble. Original recipe using 8" round baking pan, but here I use 9" (about 24 cm in diameter) fixed base pan. Next time I will use 8" for taller cheesecake. Just need to lightly grease and line the side of pan with baking paper/ parchment paper few cm higher than the pan.

This time I grease the bottom and side of my 9'' fixed base pan and line with parchment paper. I bake this cheesecake with water bath method as original recipe calls, but I put low and small rack over water bath pan so the bottom of my baking pan barely touch the water. Well.... I pour hot water maybe not more than half cm high from my baking pan's bottom side. See the illustration below.

If you use removable pan, it's important to line the outside of pan with double heavy duty aluminum foil, or few sheet thinner aluminum foil to make sure no water seep into your cheesecake during water bath baking.

Another note, to prevent sudden change of temperature that may cause the cake to shrink drastically, you should let the cake cold down inside the oven with ajar. But actually It’s normal for Japanese cheesecake that will shrink about ½ inch after cooling, don't be alert.

Kimchi-bokkeumbap / Fried Rice with Kimchi 김치볶음밥

Resep dalam Bhs Indonesia ada di bagian bawah

Selam everybody ....Merhaba from Turkey...

For me rice is a staple meal. Indonesian and some neighboring countries eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For quick and easy breakfast/ brunch most of time I make fried rice with any ingredients available in my fridge. We have many kind of fried rice base on original or ingredients.

But today I will not share Indonesian fried rice but Korean fried rice with kimchi. You know I like kimchi. I made my own kimchi once or twice a year when napa cabbage in season. Usually in July~ August I can find napa cabbage in local farmer market here. A week ago I just have my kimchi fully fermented and ready to dig in, so here I am now crave some fried rice with kimchi calls Kimchi-bokkeumbap 

#Nastar Klasik / Indonesian classic pineapple tarts cookies

Resep dalam bhs Indonesia ada dibagian bawah

Selam everybody....Merhaba from Turkey.

Pineapple tarts cookies is one of Indonesian traditional (and some neighbouring countries) cookies that commonly made and serve during religious holiday such as Eid-el Fitr or christmas along with many other traditional cookies like; kaastengelsputri saljupastel mini, Butter cokies or simple chocolate cookies and more. Check other cookies recipe on "COOKIES" category list.

But in my house, no need to wait until holiday season to have this melt in mouth yummy cookies. Me and family always have evening tea time just like other Turkish family~and it would be very nice to have some cookies with it, right?
So I always have jars full with some cookies and this pineapple tarts cookies (nastar) is almost never empty cause I love it so much!
With sweet slightly sour taste from homemade pineapple jam inside of melting yummy cookie dough, nothing can beat this favorite tarts till now.

AYAM MASAK KECAP / Indonesian style Chicken cooked in kecap manis (sweet soy sauce)

Recipe in English please scroll down

Assalamu'alaikum....Merhaba dari Turkey.

Menu ini paling sering disajikan oleh Ibuk saya di rumah. Pokoknya selalu ada giliran kalau gak telur masak kecap, telur masak petis, ayam masak petis atau ayam masak kecap ini.
Tapi yang paling sering kena "giliran" ya ayam kecap ini. Mungkin karena praktis masaknya, terus murah (dibanding daging-dagingan) juga seluruh anggota rumah pasti doyan.

Beda kalau pas Ibuk masak sayur, salah satu adik saya pasti dikit makannya. Atau pas masak seafood, mas saya juga dikit ambilnya. Yang paling "gak nolak" semua makanan ya saya ini...hehehehe... Saya nggak cerewet dan doyan semua! (^,^)

Sekarang, pas sudah rumah tangga sendiri ternyata ayam masak kecap ini juga lumayan sering saya bikin~walau tetap ada menu ala Turki buat suami saya. Anak saya suka asal tidak pedas. Jadi kadang saya pisahin dikit buat dia yang ggak pedas, sisanya saya kasih irisan cabe rawit dan tambahin merica hitamnya biar nendang makannya (^,^)
Bagi yang gak terlalu suka pedas, cabe rawitnya diutuhin saja atau pakai irisan cawe keriting saja. Namanya masakan rumahan, sesuai selera masing-masing saja ya.

Zebra Swiss Roll Cake (cooked dough method) / Bolu gulung zebra

Resep dalam bhs Indonesia ada di bagian bawah.

Selam everybody...Merhaba from Turkey.

Today's post is another swiss roll cake. It's like almost too long I didn't bake any roll cake. No reason, I just busy enjoying some small crafting projects with my kid. And winter will come in shortly so I'm now doing some new crochet projects for upcoming winter~as usual ^,^ . You can check my other Swiss roll Cake I made before here.

If you read the title with "cooked dough" method, some of you might say..."what..??" Or some of you might already familiar with it.
Cooked dough method is cooking flour in hot oil/ butter, giving such a moist, less crust and more flexible for the cake. Because cooked flour has ability to absorb more water / moistness

Those characteristic so much suit for making roll cake. I got this recipe from one Singaporean food blogger which is already mastered in baking; Kenneth Goh with his page Ghuai Shu Shu.
Please go check his superb page and tell him I send you to him.
And today I am going to share one of his recipe making so flexible (he call it yoga cake) Swiss roll cake. The cake so flexible to roll in, roll out and roll in again without any crack. Isn't it sound fabulous recipe for rolling cake? It is! So happy I found his recipe.

Actually this is my second time using same recipe. The 1st one I made plain (no pattern) with black berry jam filling, but I didn't take any picture since the cake already gone before I could capture it with my camera (^,^) Yep..it is delicious!
And this 2nd attempt, I try to make zebra pattern which I'm not really sure is it really look like zebra or not....hehehehe... I'll do better next time. Of course the pattern is optional for you. You can skip the pattern and just make it plain or any other pattern you love.

The filling also absolutely depend on your prefer. Today I filled it with chocolate butter cream. You make choose any filling you like such as jam, or whipped cream.

So let's jump to kitchen to try this yummy and easy to roll swiss roll cake! (^,^)

Chicken/ beef teriyaki noodle bowl with homemade teriyaki sauce

Resep dalam bhs Indonesia ada di bagian bawah

Selam everybody.... Merhaba from Turkey.

This is my kind of comfort food. I mean with warm noodle top with teriyaki chicken and vegetables, nothing can make me feel more comfy than that. Chicken or beef teriyaki is one of my favorite, I made it almost at least once a week. 

Previously I made my homemade teriyaki sauce because my fave teriyaki sauce that brought from my homeland had finished. There are some other import product sold  here as well. But if you know how amazingly simple to make this teriyaki sauce, would you still purchase store bought that cost you double?

And today I'm going to share one of my fave meal; Chicken teriyaki noodle bowl. It's not so complicated to make as you imagine. Once you ready with any ingredients, cooking process it's just take few minutes. But if you are looking for rice version, just visit my Chicken rice bowl here.

You can substitute chicken breast with beef, just make sure you slice it thinly and flatten slightly the meat with tenderizer before marinate them.

Chicken/ beef teriyaki noodle bowl recipe
Serve 4.

Ingredients I:

  • 300 gr chicken breast/ beef, thinly sliced
  • 2 tbsp homemade teriyaki sauce
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 tbsp butter/ olive oil
Ingredients II:
  • 200 gr egg noodle
  • 2 tbsp butter/ olive oil
  • 3 garlic, finely chopped
  • 1 big onion, crescent sliced
  • 1 red bell pepper, julienne cut
  • 1 green bell pepper, julienne cut
  • 4 tbsp homemade teriyaki sauce
  • 1 tbsp worcestershire/ english sauce
  • ½~1 tbsp oyster sauce
  • ½ tsp salt or to taste
  • 1 tsp fresh ground pepper and more for serving
  • sesame seed for serving
  • chopped scallion for serving

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