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Kue kering #nastar bentuk daun/ Leaf shape pineapple cookies

One among many other Indonesian classic cookies. With pineapple jam as filling, just nice thing to be side of your coffee/ tea cup d(^_^)b

- 500 grams of flour
- 200 gr cornstarch
- 250 gr butter
- 250 g margarine
- 120 grams of milk powder
- 200 gr powdered sugar
- 1/2 tsp powdered Vanilla
- 4 egg yolks

To spread over:
- 2 egg yolks
- 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
(mix all)

Pineapple jam filling:
- 2 pineapple. finely grated
- 3 cup granulated sugar (or as your taste according to the sweetness of your pineapple)
- 2 stick cinnamon

- 2~4 cloves
Cook all ingredients over medium heat until boiling and thickened. Cooled at room temperature.

1) Beat butter, margarine, powdered sugar, and egg yolks until smooth and pale.
2) Add milk powder, mix well
3) Add the rest of the other ingredients gradually. Stir with a wooden spatula until blended.
4) Take small amount of dough and fill with pineapple stuffing. make a shape like leaves (or any shape you like--mostly people just shape them round) and arrange in greased pan.
5) spread with egg yolk. Bake until golden brown (approximately 10 min on160 deg C and another 15 min on 150 deg C)

Let them cool and store in airtight  jar.



  1. These look so pretty! I love how you have them arranged like a flower:) I bet they taste wonderful!

  2. What a wonderful treat! I love pineapple!

    I'm hosting a Christmas Recipe party on Thursday (with prizes). Hope you can stop by!

  3. designe f the cookies is so attractive just grab it pineapple feeling make it more tasty
    1st time here fromIndia u havewonderful space if likeindian dishes visit my blog


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