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Beef Yakiniku

Back when I was living in Indonesia, easily I can find Japanese restaurant there. And one of my favorite is beef yakiniku...
Bursa is not really small town, but I still have no idea where I can find Asian restaurant -with real Asian taste ..  @(^_^ )@
So.. just to fulfill my desire (hehehehe..) to eat Yakiniku..voallaa... here you are..homemade yakiniku  !

- ½ kg of beef. Cut into thin 
- 2 tablespoons Hoisin sauce (but I did not have it, so I used soy sauce)
- 2 tablespoons sesame oil
- 2 medium cloves garlic. finely chopped.
- 3 cm ginger. finely chopped
- ½ tsp pepper powder or to taste
- 1 teaspoon salt or to taste
- 2 tsp sugar or to taste

Mix all ingredients above together with the meat. And let all spices soak for approximately one hour.

- 1 medium size onion. cut round like a ring
- 1 green and 1 red peppers. Cut a round shape ring
- 1 tablespoon butter for sauteing
- Enough sesame seeds For a sprinkle when serve.

How to cook:
Heat butter in frying pan. Place the meat and all marinade ingredients, and cook until meat is tender and cooked (If necessary, you can add more broth and cook until meat becomes tender).
After the meat tender, put onions and bell peppers. Cook until onions and peppers to wilt ( I don't like onion over cook or too much wilt.. so it's your own taste as well). Turn off the heat. Sprinkle with sesame seeds when served.

Serve hot with warm rice, too...hmmm..yummy~!


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