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#KAASTENGELS cookies ... Classic Indonesian Cheesy Cookies

Every "Hari Raya Iedul Fitri" (Islam celebration after Ramazan) in my homeland, this cookies always served. Every house me and family visit always made this as homemade and still become our number one cookies of all. It's becoming like tradition cookies ever. And last "Bayram Ramazhan" (Turkish language for same feast), I just wanna "feel Home" and made these cookies in my table beside Turkish Baklava and other Turkish delight @(^_^)@

It's Just simple cookies for tea or coffee companion if you want to try it also. Cheese based cookies definitely will become favorite of each person .. easy to make and easy to find all ingredients  .....why don't we try?

  • 300 gr unsalted butter
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 500 gr flour
  • 25 gr cornstarch
  • 25 gr milk powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 100 gr Parmesan cheese
  • 50 gr white cheese or cheddar cheese
For topping/ toppings spreads:
  • 1 egg yolk, beat with 2 teaspoon water.
  • Enough mozzarella Cheese for sprinkle-grated.


1. Beat butter and egg yolks until fluffy and pale. Add cheese and stir until smooth and well blended.
2. Mix in flour, milk powder and cornstarch, mix slowly until all well blended
3. Form dough as desired, use cookie cutter or milled with rolling pin and cut lengthwise
4. Arrange on baking pan, basting the surface with egg yolk and sprinkle with grated cheese
6. Bake in oven with temperature of 160 ° C until golden yellow/ done.

Store cookies in clean and airtight jar.

Check my other Kaastengels recipe here.



  1. I'll have to try this recipe for sure! Thank you for sharing, it looks delicious!

  2. I was just talking to my mom about cheesy cookies.. they're a perfect holiday treat!


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