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Vegetable Spring roll with sweet chili dipping sauce / Lumpia sayuran

I love vegetables much!.. so I always try to make variation of vegetable dishes in my small kitchen .. Now, made simple and quick one.. spring roll vegetables.. but the taste I think it's not simple :)

- 2 sheets phyllo dough (or can use spring roll skin 18 ~ 20 pieces)
- 2 cups bean sprouts
- 2 medium carrots. Cut into matchsticks or roughly shredded .
- 1 cup sweet corn.
- 5 ~ 6 pieces of cabbage. Thinly sliced
- 1 medium sized turnip. Cut into matchsticks or roughly shredded.
- 1 medium shallot. Chop roughly.
- 3 cloves garlic, bruised, finely chopped.
- Salt, sugar and pepper to taste
- 1 teaspoon ground ginger.
- 1 tablespoon soy sauce
- Enough Cooking oil for frying

1) Heat 2 tbsp cooking oil, saute onion and garlic until wilt and fragrant. Put all vegetables and all other ingredients. Mix well and taste the flavor. Turn off the heat.
2) Prepare the phyllo dough. Fill with filling mixture and fold such as folding envelopes. Do it until all the stuffing out.
3) Fry in oil over medium heat until golden yellow .
Serve hot with sweet chili dipping sauce.

Ingredients and methods to make dipping sauce:
- 1 tablespoon chili paste (I use homemade chilli paste)
- 1 tablespoon soy sauce
- 1/2  tbsp sugar
- A little water
If using sweet soy sauce, no sugar added again

Cook all ingredients over low heat until sauce boils and well blended.

Sweet Chili sauce dipping sauce


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