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Kids' Party begin with My Mini Chocolate Potato Donuts (Donat kentang coklat mini)

It's (almost) too cute to be eaten....
Just one bite or two for their small cutey mouth :)
So colorful, sweet and so chocolate ! Which kid will refuse ..:))
Ingredients for Potato Doughnuts
1 piece large size potatoes, steamed and mashed (about 250 g of potatoes)
500 g high protein flour
1 Package of instant yeast  (1 pack 10 g)
1 / 4 cup granulated sugar
4 egg yolks
50 g unsalted butter. cut into squares.
½ teaspoon salt
50 ml of water (if necessary)
Enough cooking oil to fry.

To garnish / topping:
300 g semisweet cooking chocolate.
Ready to use icing sugar to decorate.

How to make:
1) mix flour, sugar, instant yeast, mix well.
2) To flour mixture, add mashed potato and egg yolks, knead until blended and half smooth.
3) Add the unsalted butter and salt, continue to knead until smooth. Let stand 50 ~ 60 minutes.
4) roll the dough with a rolling pin and cut (formed) according to taste. Let stand another 30 minutes.
5) Fry over medium heat till golden brown. Remove and drain.
6) Garnish with chocolate and icing sugar after cool. 


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