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Safranlı Pilav (Turkish saffron rice)

Another kind of pilaf from Turkish kitchen. As it's name Saffron Pilaf, this rice has yellow color due to cooked with saffron water. Method to make this pilaf is almost same like making other Turkish pilav. Served hot (warm) with any kind of meat or chicken or can be with some stir fry vegetable mix. 

Today I serve Safranlı Pilav with Lemon Honey chicken wing on my dinning table for family.. Let's prepare some igredients if you wanna try it also..

-2 Cup rice (long grain if you can choose). Rinse clean. Soak in hot water with 1 tsp salt for 30 min. Drain.
-1 Tbsp of dried Saffron
-1 Tsp salt or to taste
- 4 ~ 5 cups hot water
- 1/2 cup cooking oil or 3 tablespoons margarine.

1) In a small saucepan, boil over medium heat saffron with 4-5 cups hot water. Allow it to boil and turn the water yellow. (About 5 min only). Turn off heat and strain.
2) In other pan heat cooking oil . Put the rice. Stir until evenly mixed all with oil.
3) After that, add hot Saffron water into the rice. Lower the heat. Cover the pan . Cook until done and rice absorb all water-about 45 minutes.
4) Turn off the heat. DO NOT OPEN pan's lid yet . Allow about 15 min.

Serve hot with a variety of side dishes and vegetables/ salad.

Served with Lemon Honey Chicken Wings

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